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A Review Of Acute Pancreatitis

Definition: Inflammation of the pancreas due to parenchymal autodigestion by proteolytic enzymes The clinical definition of acute pancreatitis, whether in the presence or absence of underlying chronic pancreatitis, requires atleast 2 of the following 3 features: Clinical assessment: Abdominal pain suggestive strongly of acute pancreatitis. ...Read More

A Review of Ectopic Pregnancy

Definition: Implantation and development of fertilized ovum outside the normal endometrial cavity Sites of Implantation: 1. Extrauterine (98.5%): Tubal (97%): Ampulla, Isthmus, Indundibulum, Interstitium Ovarian (0.5%) Abdominal (1%): Secondary > Primary 2. Uterine (1.5%): Cervical (<1%) Angular Cornual (In bicornuate uterus) Cesarean section scar ...Read More

A Short Summary on Blood Pressure

Definition: Lateral pressure exerted by the flowing blood on the wall of the vessels Blood Pressure Measurement: A) Methods: Direct: Cardiac catheter Indirect: Sphygmomanometer Factors influencing BP measurement: Increase BP: Caffeine, Tobacco smoking, Exercise, Emotional responses, Medications Decrease: Changes in posture, Medications B) Sphygmomanometer parts: Aneroid ...Read More

Diagnostic Facies

Some facial characteristics are so typical of certain diseases that they immediately suggest the diagnosis. These are pathognomic to certain disease and are called diagnostic facies. Some of the important diagnostic facies are: Acromegalic facies (Acromegaly) Large supraorbital ridge and frontal bossing, thickened lips, ...Read More

Osteochondritis and Perthes Disease

A group of miscellaneous affections of the growing epiphyses in children and adolescents. Typically , a bony nucleus of the epiphysis affected by osteochondritis is temporarily softened and is likely to get deformed by pressure in this stage. Osteochondritis is sometimes classified as- Crushing ...Read More