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  • Is 1year work experience compulsory for foreign students if I have completed my graduation in Nepal?

  • Dear sir, all I wanna know is how many years job experience as a medical officer is needed to be eligible to attend MD MS entrance exams in Nepal. Even after internship if one needs extra years for being eligible then it may be a problem. I mean it in the sense the duration of completion of internship and getting a license from NMC may not be sufficiently enough for a year when the entrance exam is conducted. So this means around 2 years will be gone if 1 year experience is required and around 3 years will be gone if 2 years experience is necessary before being eligible for the entrance exam. ALL I WANT IS YOU TO CLARIFY DIFFERENT ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA FOR DIFFERENT UNIVERSITY ENTRANCE EXAMS.


    • Hello Dipendra,
      After successfully completing the compulsory 1 year rotatory internship, you need additional work experience as a medical officer to appear in entrance examinations in MD/MS programme.

      a. IOM: atleast 1 year work experience for scholarship programme.
      Exception: MDGP and self-finance course doesn’t require work experience

      b. KU: atleast 1 year work experience

      c. BPKIHS: atleast 1 year work experience

      d. Loksewa: requires atleast 2 years of work experience in rural setting – if you secure a seat, you can work and join in MD/MS programme later.

      • can you provide syllabus of clinical or whole mbbs course please

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