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Transient vision loss

Background: In adults, transient vision loss (TVL) is a frequently encountered complaint that, in most cases, has an identifiable cause. Transient vision loss may be monocular or bilateral and may last from seconds to hours. Episodes are often ischemic in origin, but other, more ...Read More


Background: Epistaxis, or bleeding from the nose, is a common complaint. It is rarely life threatening but may cause significant concern. Most nosebleeds are benign, self-limiting, and spontaneous, but some can be recurrent. Epistaxis can be divided into 2 categories, anterior bleeds and posterior ...Read More

10 Golden Rules of Anesthesia

The 10 golden rules of anesthesia is universally accepted as basic safety requirements needed for starting anesthesia. Assess the patient and Prepare the patient well Starve him – even for Local Anesthesia Anesthetise him on a tipping table for head down tilt in case ...Read More