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Myasthenia Gravis

Myasthenia Gravis: Pathophysilogy,clinical features, diagnosis and management It is a Neuromuscular disorder characterized  by weakness and fatigue of the skeletal muscles. It occurs as a result of decreased number of Acetyl Choline receptors ( AcHR) in post-synaptic muscle membrane. It is Antibody mediated Autoimmune ...Read More


ORGANOPHOSPHORUS POISONING -OP compounds are widely used as pesticides, for eradication of vectors. Malathion,Fenthion,Methamidophos,Diazinon,Chlorpyrifos,Parathion are the common insecticides. CLINICAL PRESENTATION Acute cholinergic syndrome:- occur within minutes of exposure. Pungent garlic like odour in breath, vomit and clothing; Muscarinic effects -miosis , bronchorrhoea, bronchospasm, salivation ...Read More