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Microbiology of Rabies Virus

Properties: Belongs to genera “lyssavirus” of family “rhabdoviridae” Bullet shaped Nucleocapsid shows helical symmetry ssRNA (single stranded RNA) virus Outer lipoprotein envelope contains protruding hemagglutinating peplomer spikes   Street and Fixed virus Comparison: Basis of difference Street virus Fixed virus Definition Freshly isolated viruses ...Read More

Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Complex (MTC): Mycobacterium tuberculosis Mycobacterium bovis Mycobacterium microti Mycobacterium africanum Mycobacterium canettii General Characteristics: Nonmotile, nonsporing and noncapsulated bacillus arranged singly or in group Has a complex peptidoglycan arabinogalactan mycolate cell wall that is approximately 60% lipid, resulting in acid-fastness, poor Gram ...Read More