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Cholinergic Drugs made Simple

Cholinergic drugs promote the action of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. These drugs are also called parasympathomimetic drugs because they produce effects that imitate parasympathetic nerve stimulation. Cholinergic receptors and their Sites Muscarinic M1: Stomach, Ganglion, CNS M2: Heart, Lung, Stomach, Bladder, Penis M3: Eye, Glands, ...Read More

Newer Anti-cancer Drugs I:Cytotoxics

Cancer has always been the strongest challenge to Medicine. Researchers have constantly worked hard to find the cure to this curse. Many have devoted their entire life. Newer anti-cancer drugs are constantly under development and testing. The Aims of the Newer anti-cancer drugs will ...Read More

Beta Lactam Antibiotics

BETA LACTAM ANTIBIOTICS: are the most popularly used antibiotics. They are  any antibiotic agent that contains a β-lactam chain in the molecular structure. Penicillin is the prototype drug and once was a cure for almost anything. Sir Alexander Fleming discovered Penicillin. It was a miracle ...Read More