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Recommended Books For MBBS Basic Science

  • November 11, 2018
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Recommended Books For MBBS Basic Science


Which Books to study ? We recommend –



  • Human Anatomy Vol. 0,1,2 and 3 – B.D Chaurasia (Indian Writer) – Widely studied by medical students in Nepal
  • Essentials of Human Anatomy – A K Dutta
  • Clinical Anatomy – Richard S Snell
  • Clinically Oriented Anatomy – Keith L Moore and Arthur F Dally


  • Gray’s Anatomy For Students – Richard L Drake, Wayne Vogl, Adam W M Mitchell
  • Human Anatomy – Van De Graff
  • Interactive Atlas of Human Anatomy – Frank H Netter
  • McMinn’s Colour Atlas of Human Anatomy – P H Abrahams, S C Marks Jr, R T Hutchings
  • Grant’s Atlas of Anatomy – Anne M R Agur, Arthur F Dalley
  • Textbook of anatomy by Inderbir Singh


  • Cunningham’s Manual of Practical Anatomy
  • Grant’s Dissector – Patrick W Tank


  • Textbook of Human Neuroanatomy – Inderbir Singh
  • Clinical Neuroanatomy – Richard S Snell


  • Langman’s Medical Embryology – T W Sadler
  • Human Embryology by Inderbir Singh and G.P. Pal


  • Wheater’s functional histology by B.Young and JW Health
  • Textbook of Human histology by Inderbir Singh


  • Biochemistry – Satyanarayan
  • Harpers’ Illustrated Biochemistry
  • Lippincott’s Biochemistry
  • Lehringer Principles of biochemistry
  • Marks’ Basic Medical Biochemistry
  • Textbook of Biochemistry by Shinde


  • Essentials of Medical Physiology – Mahapatra
  • BRS (Board Review Series) Physiology
  • Textbook of Medical Physiology – G K Pal
  • Textbook of Medical Physiology – Guyton and Hall
  • Ganong’s Review of Medical Physiology
  • Understanding Medical Physiology – R.L Bijlani
  • Berne and Levy Physiology – Koeppen, Stanton
  • Human Physiology – Sembulingham
  • Concise Medical Physiology – Chaudhary



Pathological Basis of Disease - Robbins and Cotran
Textbook for pathology
  • Robbin’s Basic Pathology – Kumar, Abbas, Fausto, Mitchell
  • Robbin’s and Cotran’s Pathological Basis of Disease
  • Textbook of Pathology – Harsh Mohan (Recommended only for pathology pictures, most teachers do not recommend its text)
  • Pathology Illustrated – Peter S Macfarlane, Robin Reid, Robin Callander (For figures and charts)

Pathology last hour review:

  • Pathology Quick Review and MCQs – Harsh Mohan
  • Pocket companion to Robbins Pathological Basis of Disease



  • A Textbook of Microbiology – P Chakraborty
  • Textbook of Microbiology – R Ananthanarayan, C K J Paniker
  • Clinical Microbiology Made Ridiculously Simple – Medmaster series


  • Textbook of Medical Parasitology by Paniker
  • Medical Parasitology by RL Ichhpujani and Rajesh Bhatia
  • Textbook of Medical Parasitology by Chatterjee


  • Essentials of Medical Pharmacology – K D Tripathi (Best)
  • Clinical Pharmacology – Bennet and Brown (Reference)
  • Satoskar Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics
  • Basic and Clinical Pharmacology – Katzung, Masters, Trevors (Reference)
  • Lippincott’s Illustrated Review of Pharmacology by Mary Mycek, Richard Harvey and Pamela Champe (Reference)



  • Park’s Textbook Of Preventive and Social Medicine by K Park
  • A Comprehensive Textbook of Community Medicine (preventive and Social Medicine) by J S Mathur
  • Methods in Biostatistics by B K Mahajan
  • Manual of Biostatistics by JP Baride, AP Kulkarni, RD Muzumdar

Guide Books (Available in Nepal)

  • A Review of Basic Science for 1st Phase MBBS by Manoj Bhnadari (BSR)
  • Integrated Basic Medical Science (IBMS) by Sujit Kumar Jha
  • A Textbook of Community Medicine for 1st year MBBS (TU/KU) by Bibek Poudel, Kamal Pokhrel and Sanjiv Bastakoti


Also Read-


Best Books for BEDSIDE Classes

This article was checked and updated in 2016

Compiled as per books used by students in NMC, KMC, IOM and KIST


  • ssuggest me best books for 2 nd mbbs

    • Shruti,
      We have listed the best books we know for Basic science above for 1st and 2nd year.
      Do you have any other books to suggest us to include in the article.

    • Hi….

  • In biochemistry comparatively speaking, which is best? Harper or satyanarayan?

    • Its a pretty subjective matter, Siddhartha
      Harper is a well recognized book and is followed even by MD Clinical Biochemistry students and is a bit complex. It is a very good book and well liked by teachers as well.
      While Satyanarayan is a savior during exams. It is a compilation or a guide rather than text book with everything in short and simplified manner. So I think you should not ignore satyanarayan.
      You must read it and use Harper as reference book.

    • harper …..will best

    • for biochem. just check out chatterji. you can clear out ur basics

  • Sir plz suggest me best book of microbiology and forensic medicine for mbbs 2nd year.and also suggest a monthly magazine that help me for ias main

    • For Microbiology
      Chakrobarty and Parasitology by Chaterjee or Paniker are good

      For Forensic Medicine- Reddy or Nandi, I suggest you read Reddy

  • Sir plz suggest a monthly medical science magazine

    • Sanjay,
      If you are a Medical students, make a habit of going through Journals.
      Subscribe to or get access via library to Journals like Lancet, British Medical Journal, Inf Disease Journal and other local Internationally accepted journals – IMJ, JNMA etc.
      You can just keep your self updated with Magazines from BMJ group, AAP etc.
      Internet itself is a good magazine. 🙂
      This will help you understand researches and keep you updated as well.

    • I love readnig these articles because they\’re short but informative.

  • i m in mbbs 1st year n i hav these follwing textbook.- anatomy-B.d. Chaurasia, A.k.Dutta, Cunningum mannual,netter’s atlas of anatomy neuroanatomy-i.b.singh. embryology-i.b.singh. histology-i.b.singh and difore atlas. Physiology- sembulingum. And Biochemistry- satanarayana. Plze suggest me which of these to use and how to go through it.

    • Sembulingum is a nice book but will be insufficient for Medical Physiology, if you want to study Indian Writers book- Go for Mahapatra, is a well composed book.
      Satyanarayan will be good enough but few things need reference from harper, specially Metabolic cycles etc
      For Anatomy- all the books you have should be use to fullest, Use Chaurasia as your Base

  • I also like A.K Datta. It’s so simple to read!

  • You may also include Golijan’s Review Pathology in last hour review list.Nobody can simplify Pathology like him!

  • what i want to know is that can i use guyton’s physiology instead of mahapatra??
    plz suggest me which one is best among these two?

    • Yes, you can read guyton as well. It is regarded as a better option but a bit difficult.

  • Hi, i am from Pakistan and i found this plat form very useful i have to give mbbs 1st professional exam part 2 so can u plz suggest me preparation time table before a month of exams?

  • can nyone suggest me reading techniques n some imp hints..iv just started 1st yr mbbs n im really confused…i want to do really well,plz suggest me somthng important

  • i bought all 4 volumes of bd chaurasia n also human embryology n histology by inderbir singh… r the contents same in these books??? i m confused whether i did good buying these books… when will we study bd chaurasia remaining 3 vols???

    • BD chaurasia vol.0 gives you general concepts of anatomy.
      Remaining 3 volumes deals with anatomy by region like Head and Neck, Thorax, Abdomen, etc.
      BD chaurasia is a really handy book for medical students.. easy to read and understand. You can still look at atlas side by side.

  • Hello Sir,
    There is a Physiology textbook available in India by A.K.Jain, i would definetly recommend it for its diagrams n also for a thorough revision during exams. Many people find guyton a bit taxing to read, AK Jain is a really good option for them. The plus point is that the concepts given arent wrong or contrary to popular norms.
    I hope my friends in 1st year would find it fruitful.
    Best Of Luck!

  • i have saryanarayan’s biochemistry which i exchanged wit the previously bought lipincot.. our teacher tells lipin cot is best but his slides r mostly copied from satyanarayan… n in lipincott there r no some chapters of basic concept like nucliec acids, lipid… did i do wrong exchanging the book?

    • sir,
      i found ur advices r very helpful.. So can u plz gv me few sugestns?
      Cn you plz tel me wich buks shud i buy for pathology,pharmacology,foregnsic medicin, microbiology? Sir i am nw in 3rd yr,and hv gone through symbulingam in details,and its realy an awsum buk to study with! So can u plz recumnd me those buks wich are not the best rather the books frm wich i can make my concept clear and remembr maximum and score wel and serve people well.

      • Beside textbooks if you want to go for books to make your concepts clear, go for:
        1. Color Atlas Series by Thieme
        2. Made Ridiculously Simple Series by Goldberg

    • Satyanarayan is the simplest and most complete book for Biochemistry for MBBS students. Harper Biochemistry is the Best book if you can study. But for Exam point of view, Satyanarayan will be optimal as far as I know.

  • sir, plz advice which author book for pathology,pharmacology,microbiology and foreignsic medicin r realy gud to stdy to make cncepts clear and easy to remember

  • How is inderbir singh’s embryology? How can i make notes? I copy all frm the slides of my teachers but i dont think its gud. When i study from book, i dont know which line is imp n which not. Can u plz suggest me sir?

  • Respected Sir,
    Its me seejan. I am one of the mbbs entrance exam competitors…Am here waiting to see my name publish in the coming exam..Different seniors used to give their diff views regarding the way to study and the main books to be digested.So I am in dilemma.. Please help to view the things required to qualify these exam and to published one as the mbbs student..And also the imp thing is please consult about the imp books to be read.. It would be beeter if I could see your reply as soon as possible!!!!!


  • sir ,
    how i study in 5 th year ??

  • best books &reference books for 3rd mbbs?

  • best easy books..patho harshamohan pharma shanbhaag micro baveja….

  • sir which books(of basic sciences)will be helpful for research oriented studies.

    • Can you clarify your question, Lokendra? Do you want a book that will help you learn research or?

  • Sir,
    I want to buy a pathology book which is easy to learn + covering almost all imp. topics.
    But,i’m confused b/w Robbin’s & Harshmohan.
    I need ur suggestion on that!

    • Vipul,
      There is no alternative to Robbins.
      Harsha Mohan can be used as supplement.

  • hi admin, can we be doctor if we just read medical books thoroughly without going to medical college as you know tution fees are really expensive

    • No Shidant,
      Being a doctor is less about books and more about patient exposure and practical knowledge, being under mentors , professors.
      It is not possible without a medical college.
      Moreover without a degree, you wont be able to call yourself a doctor even if you read everything.

  • pls recommend me best book for microbiology..jst got baveja okk..

    • For MBBS,
      Chakrobarty would be the best.


    • Webster
      All are good dictionary, make your choice.

  • sir, i’m 2nd year mbbs student. i need your help. pls suggest me the ways to study my subjects. i got very low marks in my last monthly test. pls suggest me some tips.

    • Ezhil,
      Look under the Popular articles, we have lot of tips and guides for MBBS students.

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