community medicine

Pathological Basis of Disease - Robbins and Cotran
Basic Sc. Student Life

Recommended Books For MBBS Basic Science

BOOK LIST FOR MBBS BASIC SCIENCE Which Books to study ? We recommend – ANATOMY Textbooks: Human Anatomy Vol. 0,1,2 and 3 – B.D Chaurasia (Indian Writer) – Widely studied by medical students in Nepal Essentials of Human Anatomy – A K Dutta Clinical Anatomy – Richard S Snell Clinically Oriented Anatomy – Keith L Moore […]

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Disease Awareness

Top 5 Worst Diseases Of History

Throughout history mankind has suffered the mortal effects of ravaging diseases brought on by number of factors ranging from animals to one single human host. Given below are the five worst diseases that have plagued humankind in recorded history. Most of them have taken the lives of millions of people of this planet. Some of […]

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Community Medicine Mnemonics

Community Medicine (Preventive and Social Medicine) also belongs to the course that you need to complete for medical careers. The subject although being a lot more easier compared to Basic sciences, people may find it pretty difficult to pass the exams. The main reason behind this fact is the negligence (studying only at the eleventh hour) […]

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