Pathological Basis of Disease - Robbins and Cotran
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Recommended Books For MBBS Basic Science

BOOK LIST FOR MBBS BASIC SCIENCE Which Books to study ?¬†We recommend – ANATOMY Textbooks: Human Anatomy Vol. 0,1,2 and 3 – B.D Chaurasia (Indian Writer) – Widely studied by medical students in Nepal Essentials of Human Anatomy – A K Dutta Clinical Anatomy – Richard S Snell Clinically Oriented Anatomy – Keith L Moore […]

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Old questions

Prelims Final MBBS questions of Manipal College of Medical Sciences

Medicine and Allied subjects I Section A 1.A 50 year old man has been brought to the hospital complaining of central chest pain of 4 hours duration. List the possibilities. How will u diagnose a case of MI? outline the management of MI of four hours duration.3+3+5 2(a). enumerate the causes of haemoptysis . briefly […]

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