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Brucella and Brucellosis

Brucella and Brucellosis

Brucella sp. causes brucellosis (also called as Bang’s disease in cattle, named for Bernhard Bang & Sir David Bruce who discovered Brucella and called as undulant fever in humans), a “zoonotic disease endemic in many areas of the world, characterized by chronic infections in animals leading to abortion and infertility, and a systemic, febrile illness in humans”. The genus Brucella …

Top 3 Asthma Fighting Foods

Top 3 Asthma Fighting Foods

According to statistics, 20 million Americans suffer from asthma and 11 die from the disease each day. Although there is no cure, there are medicines that can help alleviate and subdue the symptoms—most of which are designed to open up the air passage ways. But did you know that there are also foods that if consumed on a regular basis …

Alcoholic Liver Disease or ALD

Alcoholic Liver Disease or ALD

Alcoholic Liver Disease
Alcohol is a toxic substance to the liver and remains one of the most common causes of chronic liver disease.
The spectrum of ALD is broad and a single patient may be affected by more than one of the following conditions;fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis or alcoholic cirrhosis.

ALD does not occur below a threshold of 21 units/week in women and …

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