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Cold Earth: Creature Of the Sea

  • August 28, 2010
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Cold Earth: Creature Of the Sea

Prologue: Some creature of the sea, once gazes at the hypnotizing beauty of the land, the earth. Swam with the tide to reach here on the sand but soon realizes he doesn’t belong here….

Cold earth
Cold earthBlurring the eyes that gaze.

An Atmosphere of haze,
The Humid sun vaporizing,

The mist and the fading.
The Earth never sweats,
But showers in rain till it abates

Hypnotised by the sight,
Beauty of this shining blaze
Blueness of the skies in light,
Palm trees form pretty maze.
Calmness of the breeze,
Behind the sea among the trees.

Coming down from the sky,
Where the lazy angels lie,
Upon the immensity of this land,
Upon the soft and silky sand,
Pretending hard to be..
Some creature of the sea…

Struggling and suffocating,
On the land so cold and freezing.
Wandering for destiny..
Desperate to be loved,
Desperate to be touched..
Lying near the land,near the sand,
But left ignored and mourned..

Disgraced and poignant ,
It’s hard to keep strong,
He’s only a remnant,
Fragile like the glacier,
Broken to fragments.
There is on love here..
There is no love here…

Lost upon the glories,
Of the past , of the seas
But men are all weird here..
Among the trees of qualm and fear,
Some purity so alluring ,
Some warmth that is healing
Are never found here in the land..
Beyong the sea, all is sand.

Copyright Dr. Sujit Shrestha

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