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“A lot of Expectations” an MBBS student’s story

  • September 17, 2014
  • 5 min read
“A lot of Expectations” an MBBS student’s story

Sanjeet read a notice about their upcoming university examination to be held starting from August 26. He is a final year MBBS student and after reading this notice, he started to feel panic. He got very tensed thinking about the vast curriculum which he must finish studying within 25 days of exam preparation leave starting from tomorrow. So, he planned to start studying well from the same day itself and he took a book and started studying in the library. He was so occupied in studying that he even forgot to have dinner that day.

The librarian came towards him and told him that it was time to close the library. He looked at the clock and it showed 09:05 p.m. and then he realized that he was single student studying at that moment in library. He packed his books in bag and wished good night to librarian.

sad student medical

He started to feel hungry and so he bought a packet of “wai-wai” noodle from a shop. It was very dark and very few people were walking on the road. Enjoying the noodles he thought about finishing his courses in time before examination. He expected that if he studied seriously; starting from today, then he would score good percentage in exam.

Suddenly, a group of people surrounded him and they were equipped with knifes and khukuris. One of them, who was tough-looking stepped forward with khukuri in his hand and asked him for money. He said, “give me all the things that you are carrying now, otherwise I’ll kill you right here”
Sanjeet replied politely “Brother, I carry expectations on my back, responsibilities on my shoulder and I carry fear of exams in my mind……
A black guy jumped towards him and pushed him. He threatened him saying “we are not here to hear your lectures, we want money. give me all the money u have now”
He replied “sir I’m an MBBS student and I really don’t have money now”
That black guy said “what you think of us. Do we all look like fools to you. We all know MBBS is very expensive course and only rich people study that. Give me your wallet, give me your ATM card with its pin number”
He replied” you can take my wallet, my ATM card..but I really don’t have money sir and I have studied MBBS taking loan..please let me go”

Fat guy got furious, pushed him and shouted at him “you stupid boy, don’t you feel afraid of us, I can take your life with this khukuri”
He replied “ Brother, life of MBBS students are full of frustrations and exam-tensions and thought of committing suicide often comes across our mind, but we stop it right there because of our responsibilities and faith and expectations of our parents on us”
Listening to this, Black guy gave him a hard slap on his face and yelled at him” you moron, don’t you love your life seriously? Either you give money to us or we will kill you right here”
Sanjeet replied “S-Si-Sir, I really don’t have money and I’m very tensed myself as my parents can’t afford expenses so I have promised them that I’ll do masters on scholarship”
All speaking in a single voice “F*** You and your lectures, shithead!!”
Fat guy and others started to kick him.

Black guy said ”hey you moron! We are asking for money because that fat guy’s mother is admitted in hospital and doctors like you are demanding Rs.95,000 for operation. We are really annoyed with your f*****g plea. Either you give me money anyhow or tell me your last wish”
Sanjeet replied very sadly “s-si-sir, I beg you all for my life. I really don’t have money neither with me nor in ATM. If you are going to kill me anyhow then please kill me in any way but nothing looking like suicide. Because my parents will think that I couldn’t study MBBS and so I committed suicide. My friends will think of me as a coward and my relatives will condemn my parents for making me to study difficult courses like MBBS”
Fat guy felt pity on him. He asked his friends to leave him. sanjeet was left alone there in blood and tears.
He came to his room and did some first aid to his wounds. He was very much traumatized both physically and mentally but he thanked god for saving his life today.

He had just begun to study that his mobile phone started ringing. It was a call from his father. His father asked on phone “hello! sanjeet I heard that your exam notice is out. Are you studying well or not? Score good marks in this exam! We have “a lot of expectations” from you son”

Suddenly the alarm rang…and he woke up…there was dark all over the room…he was sweating…his heart was pounding out of fear..then he realized that all of this was just a bad dream…and he checked time on mobile ..it showed 3:15am..and then at that moment he realized that he is about to appear in an exam that morning itself starting from 10:00am onwards…




Mr Buddhinath Shah,

MBBS Student

KUMS, Dhulikhel.


  • very good story.. The story really touched my heart at the beginning until i read the portion “it was a bad dream” but i do think that this story has taken place in some one’s life and the admin has given it the name of dream..

    • No Nabin,It is unedited article. It has been published as it is. May be the writer has poured his feelings into a dream.

      • hello administrator, I’m happy that u have published my article, my story but I’m upset that U have not given proper credit to me and neither asked for my permission…
        @bnsanjeet please edit and give the proper credit to my name if u need I can give u proof of it as well.. I’m a medical student at dhulikhel..

        • It was excellent and relevant piece taken from the facebook. If you do not think anonymity is required , we will surely credit you for this.
          Thank you
          Best wishes

  • Story was awesome.

  • mbbs pade vanera dherai fui nalagu mbbs matra garo subject haina ,sabai field ma garo sajilo huncha ,yesto fui lagaone doctor le nai pachi birami dhuttne kam garcha , ramro lai rammro vandai dhol pitnu pardaina,ramro kura ma sabai ko ankha afai jancha.

    • It’s just a story some one elses feeling. If you have similar story you can submit. Author has no way meant to say other profession are easy.

    • Manoj bro! thankx for reading this story, It is just an article to explain experience,frustrations and expectations on a medical student.. It absolutely doesn’t meant to show anytype of superiority to other field.. but in literature author/writer have their right to show their part of story and U all readers are free to give suggestions and criticisms.. and I feel lucky that my amateur writing atleast got space here..

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