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Threats to Human race – Disease, Nature or Mankind?

  • August 27, 2014
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Threats to Human race – Disease, Nature or Mankind?

Since long people have feared Human extinction. We are all scared of a catastrophe that could wipe out human race on earth or endanger our species. Many times human race have been endangered, in real or in the minds.


The real dark days when, the small pox inflicted heavy casualties on the society, causing deaths and disability. It spread like tear-gas in the world and caused tears everywhere it reached. It is still considered one of the deadliest disease ever witnessed. Lucky our generation that the disease is known to be eradicated. Still rumors of Biological weapons and few Labs preserving the virus , has stirred the peace of the minds. The fear is not unjustified however, what if the virus breaks out again. There are no vaccines available now as the disease is declared eradicated and most of us have no immunity at all to the disease. If it happens to come back, that could be a dark time story.

The Plague in the 14th century almost wiped out 1/3 human population of Europe. Many bones and skeletal remains  in the under the city sewers and dungeons have led to a speculation that there was such a casualty that corpses had to be dumped as the deaths were overwhelming.

The Influenza has danced a death Macabre and still poses a risk to human race, if you still remember the pandemics of the Swine and Avian flu this decade.

Leaving back these diseases, there are other natural calamities that have been taken by people as a threat our civilization. The most feared of all is Meteor Strike. As we have learned that the Dynastic rule of Great Dinosaurs were brought down by the Meteor, we have realized the power of it. In the Mythological era, it is said that the Atlantis which was the zenith of ancient power was drowned into the sea with all its population either by a Great earthquake or a meteor, as fury of the Gods fell upon the Atlantis.

Earthquake, A Super volcano, Polar Shift, Global warming all have been counted among the possibilities. Global warming is happening fast, but thanks to the initiative of some reputable companies similar to the ones at carbonclick.com that make it easy for you to reduce your climate impact!

Many people have made fun of Alien attack as a threat, but you never know and you can not rule out the possibility until you have explored the entire Universe, that looks impossible in any time to come.


Above are all the conditions that were not in human control. But the human beings themselves are the biggest threat to human race. During the last century, the science made such an expansion that, we were trying everything and anything possible, sane or insane.

Many experiments during the Soviet era and the Cold war era, along with the Allied Force experiment were so dangerous that it could have wiped out the earth. In the race for nuclear stronghold, the Americans and Soviets tested most of the Nukes. Each time stronger than before, till the explosion of the Tsar Bomb… when the bomb took away the breath of the scientist. The people observing the explosion started to see the Beauty of the mushroom cloud finally as an Umbrella of death to the Earth. Scientist observing the explosion where so scared by its power that, they feared it could light up the atoms in the atmosphere. If the Hydrogen atom lights up by the power, we would create a new Sun, a self perpetuated self-combustion ball- the Earth.

Imagine the deaths in Nuclear explosion, and more of the Fall-out aftermath. If you doubt what I say. Watch this video.

Other two time the people came to a death dance was –

1. Cuban Missile Crisis – after which a Hotline was created between the US and Russia presidents.

2. Day when India-Pakistan nearly nuked each other.

Humans continued interest in Warfare and newer capabilities, its ego to challenge the nature has all set in endangering self. Stalin’s Humanzee experiment is believed to be real, where he tried to create a mutated Human-chimpanzee Army that would obey the command without questions.

The Medical Experiments , if they go critically wrong as to click a mutation, creating a newer disease or a newer kind, that would be a catastrophe. Some rumors about HIV being created by scientist in labs are there, well there are lot of conspiracy theories that you need not believe though. The fear is, if any of our experiments with Science and Medicine goes wrong, We could end up like this. This is not just a movie but an insight of what could come upon us.

Fear not but open your mind to all the possibilities, with out we thinking of consequences, we won’t be able to predict or tackle the accidents.

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