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Good Nutrition – Between Facts And Fiction

June 9, 2020

Are you eating well? Does your daily diet include all the essential nutrients for healthy living? If making the list of groceries makes you feel stress every day, you might experience the same thing many other people do. It appears as there’s always a new diet or a set of guidelines that pretends to teach […]

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How to choose mobility devices for seniors?

June 9, 2020

Whether we like it or not, aging often comes with limited mobility, among other health issues. Elderly people have mobility problems because of specific illnesses such as osteoporosis and arthritis, or as a result of injuries, accidents or neurological issues. However, the good news is that mobility devices have come a long way and are […]

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Holistic Approach of Functional Medicine and Chiropractic for the Treatment of Concussions

October 25, 2019

The prevalence rates and the incidence rates of chronic diseases and disorders have been increasing tremendously around the globe.Even though a lot of medical advances have occurred throughout the world, existing treatment methods do not offer a cure for all the diseases. Functional Medicine and Chiropractic Functional medicine and chiropractic go hand in hand as […]

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Did You Know Too Much Handwashing Can Backfire?

February 17, 2019

“The cleaner everyone is, the less stimulation their immune system gets. Their immune system tends to be incomplete.” – Nora Sarvetnick So, you keep your hand hygiene in check? Great. You wash your hands using Dettol hand wash before eating food and after? Perfect. You wash your hands quite often? Well done. However, do you […]

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How Can A Family Help Their Loved One Conquer Addiction?

January 27, 2019

Nobody naturally knows how to help an addict. While many former addicts and support workers have found effective ways to communicate with addicts, it can be affected by the confusion addiction creates. On top of the physical symptoms of addiction that are apparent, there are also a variety of mental health issues that can be […]

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Evening Colic or Infantile Colic

January 17, 2019

Case story – A healthy 2 months old infant has episodes of crying for hours, usually in late afternoon. After the episode the baby is normal and feeds well. The baby passes stool and urine normally. This has been going on for 4 weeks and parents are concerned. Stool tests done repeatedly were normal. What […]

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5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Ageing Parents

October 23, 2018

From being an infant to a fully mature adult, whatever we learn, we learn from our parents. They make the biggest sacrifice one can make for another human being: their freedom. The moment we’re born, they become responsible for us and always provide their best when it comes to taking care of us. Try and […]

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Antiperspirant: The Fight Against Sweat

October 8, 2018

Antiperspirants work by removing the moisture underneath the armpits with an active ingredient called aluminum salts. The aluminum salts assist the sweat glands by blocking the release of sweat. Some believe blocking sweat glands is unhealthy and could cause symptoms associated with cancer. But they cannot prove this information. The National Cancer Institute and US […]

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transient vision loss

Aging: Common Medical Needs

July 1, 2018

There are several theories on why we age from pre-determined hereditary genes to the lifestyle. Regardless, of which way the findings conclude the aging process causes the body to slowly malfunction and breakdown. There are many visible signs like your thinning graying hair, wrinkled, crepe-paper skin and lack of muscle. Just as you have these […]

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