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How To Know If You Need Invisalign

  • October 2, 2022
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How To Know If You Need Invisalign

Everyone loves to have a beautiful smile. A smile determines how confident you are when relating to people and when going about your daily life. Unfortunately, most people have issues with their smiles. Some have issues with crooked teeth while others are more concerned about dab bites. But thanks to technology, several treatments can correct your dental issues. Among these treatments is Invisalign.

Invisalign is a series of clear trays that are custom-made to fit a patient’s teeth in order to correct orthodontic issues. However, not all people can undergo this treatment. For example, it’s not recommended for children to have Invisalign since the treatment requires removal when eating or drinking. Additionally, this treatment might not be ideal for severe dental issues.

If you’re struggling with dental issues and would want a permanent solution, read along to know if you need Invisalign.

You Don’t Like Your Smile

Are you unhappy with your smile? Are you always trying to hide your teeth when smiling or laughing? If yes, having an Invisalign might be the solution for you. Invisalign is a great treatment for several orthodontic issues linked to low self-esteem. If you have overcrowded or crooked teeth, it’s normal to wish for a straight smile.

Invisalign can correct such issues, leaving you with the most beautiful smile you could have ever wished for. If you’re from Australia, get Invisalign now in Melbourne and other places near you.

You’ve Used Braces Before

Sometimes, people with dental braces begin to skip wearing them for various reasons, especially when their teeth begin to align themselves. Unfortunately, as time passes, the teeth return to their crooked state. When this happens, an individual might start to wonder how they can correct the issue easily and quickly without braces.

Invisalign can help you align your teeth without being noticed. That said, if you’ve had dental braces and require an invisible option, you might need to try Invisalign.

You Have A Bad Bite

Invisalign isn’t only used to straighten teeth—it can be used to correct malocclusion or crooked bites. For example, you can use Invisalign to correct overbites, underbites, open bites, or crossbites. An orthodontist might recommend Invisalign for effective and intensive treatment based on the nature of your bite condition and how severe it is. In such an event, the orthodontist will provide you with custom-made Invisalign to accurately align your bite.

You Want To Straighten Your Teeth Without Using Metal

Though there’s nothing like nonpainful orthodontic treatment, metal braces tend to be more painful. They feel clunky and can interfere with your eating habits. Traditional dental braces can also cause bleeding and discomfort. However, if you want to align your teeth without experiencing this discomfort, you might need to consider Invisalign.

You’re Disciplined

While Invisalign doesn’t require special care, you need to be disciplined to consider it. Invisalign should be worn 24 hours a day, and you shouldn’t eat in it. For these reasons, Invisalign isn’t recommended for children.

When eating, you should take off the Invisalign, then brush your teeth before putting it back. Besides eating, you should avoid drinking sugary drinks with the Invisalign on. It’s vital to be disciplined once you’ve had your Invisalign treatment.

Though Invisalign treatment usually lasts for a year, it’s important to figure out if you can manage taking it on and off when eating or drinking and brushing your teeth each time you want to put it on.

You’re Always Busy

Traditional braces require time to clean and frequent appointments. Therefore, they might not be ideal for a busy person. On the other hand, Invisalign isn’t time-consuming when it comes to caring procedures. Additionally, you don’t require regular appointments—all you need is regular cleaning at least twice a year. Besides removing them when eating and soaking them in a cleaning solution, there’s nothing left to do regarding care and cleaning.

That said, Invisalign is ideal for busy individuals who might not have time to take extra care of orthodontist treatment.

You Have A Mild Dental Issue

While Invisalign works for most dental issues, severe problems might not be corrected using invisible braces. If your teeth are severely crooked, you might need to talk to an orthodontist to see if you need metal braces or Invisalign. Nevertheless, if you only have a mild dental issue, Invisalign might be the ideal option.

You Don’t Want To Look Like A Teen

Metal braces tend to make one look like a teen. If this is the last thing you want, you might need to consider investing in Invisalign. What makes Invisalign better is they’re almost invisible. In most cases, you and your dentist are the only people who know you have them.


There you go! The above information provides detailed signs you need regarding Invisalign. If you’re still doubtful, consider visiting a nearby dental clinic for further advice.

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