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Newer Anti-cancer Drugs I:Cytotoxics

  • October 11, 2010
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Newer Anti-cancer Drugs I:Cytotoxics

Cancer has always been the strongest challenge to Medicine. Researchers have constantly worked hard to find the cure to this curse. Many have devoted their entire life. Newer anti-cancer drugs are constantly under development and testing.

The Aims of the Newer anti-cancer drugs will be-

  • To reduce toxicity to Normal cells
  • To increase toxicity to Cancer cells that are resistant
  • Lesser side effects

Newer Cytotoxics:- Short information to keep you updated

Paclitaxel:- ( Taxol) is a novel anticancer agent . Derived from Pacific Yew tree. It has replaced Cyclophosphamide in the chemotherapy combination in Ovarian cancers. It is efficacious in Breast cancer in both advanced and early stages, Kaposi sarcoma in AIDS and Lung cancers.

Anticancer agents

Docetaxel- Synthetic analog of Paclitaxel : Highly efficaious in Breast cancer, Non-small cell lung cancer and ovarian carcinomas.

Vinorelbine- semi-synthetic vinca alkaloid. Used in advanced NSC lung cancer

Capecitabine- an oral 5-Fluouracil prodrug. Effective in resistant Breast cancer and metastatic colon cancer.

Gemcitabine- IV use has been approved for pancreatic ca. and NSCL cancer.

Topotecan- inhibits enzyme Topoisomerase I. FDA approved drug. used in ovarian carcinoma.

Irinotecan- highly effective in the treatment of Metastatic colon cancers

More Anticancer agents in next part of this article , coming soon.

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