Hair care and Mantra for good hair


Types of hair:

  • Normal hair : oil it for 20 -30 mins before shampooing.
  • Dry hair : hot oil massage and wrap hair with damp towel for 15 mins .do it atleast twice a week.
  • Greasy hair : add beaten egg and a pinch bicarbonate soda in half a litre of water. Paste this mixture and massage into the scalp after 10 mins shampoo it and rinse it.


  1. Oiling,shampooing ,conditioner, leave in product.
  2. Oiling is a must atleast once for normal hair. 1 month- protein spa treatment. To avoid dandruff get ahot towel treatment 2 times a month. Oil: amla,almond ,olive,coconut. Hair mask with deep conditioning apply before shampooing (lakme hair next)
  3. Hair problem remedies:
  4. Mixture of an egg yolk ,whole banana, 2 tsp of yogurt, leave for half an hour ,shampoo and rinse with luke warm water: dull hair.
  5. Almond and castor oil : hair fall
  6. Apply onion and later honey and rinse and wash with shampoo : hair fall
  7. 2 tsp of mustard oil,2 tsp shampoo, 2tsp of glycerine,4 tsp of sugar :dull hair.
  8. Trim hair ,protect it from sun ,blow dry from 6 inches ,use wide toothed comb ,don’t brush excessively :rid of spilt ends.
  9. Hair conditioner : 1 egg, a cup of yoghurt ,lemon juice ,1 tsp of honey, 1 tsp olive oil leave for 3o mins and leave.
  10. Mix 1 egg , 1tsp of castor oil, I lemon juice with 1 tsp glycerine/honey .keep it for 1 hour and wash with shampoo.
  11. Natural hair spray:1 whole lemon chopped and boiled with about 250-300 ml of water in a sauce pan .cover and shimmer till lemon is soft for 15 mins, strain and cool, can stock for 3 -4 days.

Dr Akriti Sharma

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