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Care of Lips and Body

  • December 1, 2009
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It must be scrubbed by using a baby tooth brush.

Apply coriander over lips for pink lips.

Always use SPF lip balm.

For that pout: remove dead cells by baby brush, next slather lip balm and then apply lipstick over everywhere except the centre use lighter shades here with a spot of lip gloss more on lower lip.

Best shades for u: blue-based(plums and cool berries)on fairer skin, while burgundies and orange based on darker to medium skin tone.


Every day shower with luke warm water with scrub with scruber and pat da skin with towel and use of moisturizer or oil immediately after bath.

Soothing body pack: mint leaves and almonds mix with warm water apply all over body dries and rinses with warm water.

Dry skin of arms and legs:6 tsp of vaseline , 2 tsp of glycerine and lemon juice twice/2weeks.

After bath apply Vaseline all over and leave for 1 hour and rinse after that for 2 times per month for supple skin.



Vitamin A , Vitamin B, Vitamin C ,Vitamin E, Protein , Fiber , water.


Tips By : Dr. Akriti Sharma

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