Make Up The Right Way: Make up tips



Natural and flawless skin is a wish of every woman .It can to done by the right way of make up and right product. The product that hit the industries ,impressed the actors and recommended by the dermatologist. It�s the mineral make up that�s left people satisfied and glowing. Its light that u can even sleep with it and it dosent clog the pores.

Fondation: Always blow off the excess and put in circular motion and use the right brush (thickly bristled with short handle )

Blush :pour some in the palm or product cap ,dip in blush brush and swoosh it around to soak up some colour and tap off the residue and buff in the apple of cheek and extend it to the hair line in temple region in circular motion.

Eyeshadow: use soft brush tap off the excess and apply in the central then to the lateral sides then from the central to the medial side. Highlight your eye brow bone with shimmer and blen it well.

Lip: apply balm with SPF and then put lipstick ,shimmer in the lower lip or lipgloss to the lipstick.


  1. Wash your skin gently in circular motion , tone it and put moistursier.
  2. Remember always to use sunscreen.
  3. Eat healthy and excerise.
  4. Avoid use of chemicals.
  5. Don’t smoke or drink in excess.
  6. Drink at 8 -10 liters of water.
  7. Always protect from sun (umbrella ,sun glasses ,hat )
  8. Shave only in direction of hair growth

By:- Dr. Akriti Sharma, NMCTH

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