Recommended books for Clinical Methods in MBBS

Hutchison’s Clinical Methods, MacLeod’s Clinical Examination… are two first phrases which come to mind of every Medical student  when we talk about Clinical Bedside examination. Often we are adviced by our professors to go through Hutchison Repeatedly, “It’s the bible”. But what I say from my experience is, it is just of the books that people have been referring since long and it’s only the sole book. It lack a bulk of examination part which is most important for medical students. So which books to consult for Clinical Examination?

The Recommended Books are-

1. Hutchison’s Clinical Methods- The older editions are more clinically oriented than newer ones which have omitted most parts. History taking skills can be best learned from this book. As it is the said Bible, every Professor expects us to follow it. It is a must read book.


2. MacLeod’s Clinical Examination- It is the under-rated book but the most important one for medical students that has extensive demonstration and explanation of each procedures and tests. It is well accepted in Medical community. It is a must have book.

Macleod clinical examinations

3. S Das Manual of clinical surgery- The miracle book of Surgery bedside examination that has everything in it. A must have book for all medical students.

S Das surgery

4. Kundu’s Bedside Clinics in Medicine- Another Wonder book for medicine. It has almost everything and even things found no where else. Will help students a lot. Read it even against professors suggestion, it is worth it.


5. Makhan Lal Bedside Clinics in Surgery- A helpful, case-wise approach book which is very helpful for short and long cases in surgery clinical practicals.

makhan lal

6. Piyush Gupta Clinical methods in Pediatrics – A great book for pediatrics, with well explained maneuvers, clinical methods, examination and focusing on the core pediatrics as well.

Piyush Gupta pediatrics

7. Meherban Singh Clinical methods – Pediatrics book for clinical methods. A  must have book for medical students and has extensively written chapters on various systems, neonates, anthropometry and concise summaries at the ends.


These are the books which are read extensively in Nepal, India and Bangladesh by MBBS students. If you have any good books that can help other medical students, please comment below.

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