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Blogs from Doctors and Medical students

  • December 3, 2013
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Blogs from Doctors and Medical students

blog doctors Blogging is not a rocket science, it’s about being yourself and putting what you have in it. Lately, blogging has been in trend – a place for many to express their opinions and feelings in a two way conversation and not just dump a one way ideas or messages. Here, we have some prominent Blogs by Medical professionals who have taken the initiative to keep readers amused online through their expression of views and writing skills. Lets see what they have to say:

1. Healthy Nepal

sameer lama

My blog: स्वस्थ नेपाल Healthy Nepal

My name: Dr. Samir Lama

First Blog Post: 2011 January 3

About my blog:

This blog  mostly focuses on health related topics, patient education, doctor patient relationship and sharing my personal experience as a doctor.


Words from Samir:

Blogging is a way of expressing yourself. As a doctor i see a gap in doctor patient relationship in our context which i want to reduce with my articles. and also want to share our experience to general people, and let them know how we feel about our profession and our patients. Future plans: to write more on patient education materials in simple nepali language, to include more guest articles in health related topics.

Gain and Loss:

Gained a way of expressing myself, way of communication with people about health related topics…. lost nothing.

Got few offers from papers to write articles for them,recently wrote an article in setopati too, which was very much liked by people.

2. The Medical Way

vinayMy blog: The Medical Way

My name: Vinay Kafle

First blog post: 2012 AD

About my blog: Blog focuses on  Medical Student, Medical School and Life

Experience: Freelance blogging in various sites

Future Plans: Research Blogs

Words From Vinay:

Firstly I was interested in reading blogs in class 8. The first nepali blog I encountered was ekendraonline. Then started reading other blogs as well. Started blogging in blogspot in class 10. Then kept on freelance blogging. Joined Medicine in 2010. Got interested in KevinMD.com and Dr Sarina Khanal’s blog “Medical Mind” bhisaj.wordpress.com and started writing on “THE MEDICAL WAY” …

xino (1)

Achievements: Getting compliments from Dr Pranab Chatterjee (scepticemia.com) and Dr Rohan Khandelwal (docrohan.wordpress.com) was greatest achievement ever….. wrote for medchrome as well , which helped in the interview while applying for JYMR journal. Now I’m a Production Editor of JYMR.

Gained: I believe blogging is just for passion. Writing for medical topics on Medchrome and medcases.blogspot.com has expanded my knowledge and made study easier. And also being in touch with great minded people is an awesome experience. People often mistake me as medical graduate when I answer to queries online. Even MDs call me “Sir” on their emails sometimes which is quiet flattering.
Once a transplant surgeon from India mistook me for a MBBS graduate and offered the job as his assistant via facebook Can be really awkward sometimes ……

3. Diary of A Student

jemeshMy blog: Diary of a student

My name: Jemesh Singh Maharjan

First blog post: March, 2013 AD

About my blog:

“Diary of a Student” is a personal blog created with an intention to share the feelings, events, ups and downs that comes along in a student life.

Experience: Updating statuses in facebook, occasionally twitter and rarely google plus.

Future Plans: Remove “….blogspot….” from my blog url and make it a standard independent site.

Words From Jemesh (Jms):

I have a noisy head, a lot noisier than a group of kindergarten people stuffed together in a class and depriving  them with what they want. Just giving an idea about what it’s like inside my head. *wink* That’s when my search for the medium to let the chaos inside my head to relinquish, began. And then I discovered this thing called “writing”. Started writing on a paper and then upgraded to the digital thing. And Since then, I’ve been hooked with this digital thing. It amuses me, seriously. I love moving fingers around my computer and see the words appear on the screen that are the exact reflection of what’s going on inside me. Also been into painting for a while and have some collections of my own scribbles too. But well, this is about my blog. So, I’ll keep that for now.

xino (2)


My friends, brother, some of my colleagues and people sending me messages saying my posts are good and they can relate to my writings are my greatest achievements so far, I would say. Also, the number of likes in my facebook page for the blog, would be another on the list of my achievements. *smiles*


Life is an experience. We gain many things each and every moment. And this blog has given me wings. It has helped me broaden my area of sharing the noisiness inside my head to the world.

4. Doctor Saathi

Dr Surya ParajuliMy blog: Doctor Saathi

My name: Dr. Surya Parajuli

First blog post: 2009 AD

About my blog:

In 2011, I started “Doctor Saathi” as a project under Nepal Medical Volunteer Society. The project worked to publish articles on different medias, establish listener’s club, school health clubs and conduct health awareness programs and doctor workshops. The main aim of this blog is to present health information in as simplified way as possible. I have tried to link general population to medical professional and experts.

Experience: I began blogging to put forward my literary activities and in 2007, I published a collection. I saw blogging as the best way to provide feedback for the comments on my interviews and poems. Hence, I began blogging.

Future Plans: Make a website, where I can put all the health related activities.

Words From Dr. Surya:

Through “Doctor Saathi” I share about various organizations I have worked with, health articles and my interviews. My literary creations are updated on my blog titled “Splochan”. In another blog “Haraicha”, I post about my birthplace Haraicha.

xino (3)

Achievements and Gains: 

I get feedback from my fellow readers and it feels amazing to know that they are happy with the content of the blog. Few FM channels have aired health information referring to my blog. Also, based on my program, listener’s club named “Doctor Saathi” has been established in Saudi Arabia.


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