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Making a Provisional Diagnosis – 10 Blunders to avoid

  • November 16, 2013
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Making a Provisional Diagnosis – 10 Blunders to avoid

Medical students often have problem in making a provisional diagnosis after history and clinical examination. Often students are carried away or bias as they already know the case and often make blunders in examinations. Here are few things to avoid while making a diagnosis.

Here is a piece of advice – providing 10 don’ts

Medical bedside exam

1. Don’t be too Clever– Being too clever can always lead to trouble.

2. Don’t put Rare diagnosis first– eg. Histoplasmosis instead of Pneumonia

3. Don’t be in a hurry– without asking comprehensive history and examination , don’t rush to make a diagnosis.

4. Don’t be faddy

5.Don’t mistake a label for diagnosis

6.Don’t diagnose two disease simultaneously

7. Don’t be too Sure –Always keep mind open and other possibilities as well. Don’t stubbornly be sure of a diagnosis.

8. Don’t be Biased- knowing the case in forehand, don’t be biased in making diagnosis. Diagnose case based on history.

9.Don’t hesitate to Revise your diagnosis

10.Don’t be Dogmatic

These look simple , but will help you avoid making blunder during Exams. Best of Luck.


Source- Clinical Methods – Meherban singh

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