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Using EndNote to cite References in Thesis and Research

  • October 5, 2013
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Using EndNote to cite References in Thesis and Research

Thesis writing in order to fulfill the partial requirement to complete a Master degree in Medical Science is one of the toughest part of any residency. Certain software are essential part of thesis writing without which things will become quite clumsy and difficult. Endnote library helps you organize your references well, let you cite them where you want without worries and let you set a Standard format bibliography.

From my personal experience, quoting citations manually and organizing reference article library manually is one Herculean  task and often this get clumsy confusing  and add a lot of mechanical work to the process, that can be done by a software.


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What does EndNote do?

1. Create a library for your references.

2. Attach PDF files to reference articles.

3. Enters citation with one click in your word document.

4.Creates a standard format bibliography- eg Vancouver format.


Why is it important in Thesis and Research?

Like SPSS, EndNote is a vital part of thesis or research writing. It will make things easier, better, well organized and standard. You’ll end up creating a world class bibliography.


How to Use EndNote?

A simple youtube video helped me learn Endnote, it is a piece of cake. View this video.



More reading and training at-



Hope, the article was helpful to all the students engaged in writing up thesis and people doing researches.

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