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Your Online Reputation – A Key Factor to Your Medical Practice

  • October 27, 2012
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Your Online Reputation – A Key Factor to Your Medical Practice
Dealing with patients can be challenging, especially because of the delicate situation. As a doctor helping patients feel better is essential to your business. Even so, no matter how much effort and research you put into your work, you could have patients who are unsatisfied with your prognosis.
All is well, if this patient comes to you personally, but if he vents his issues with you online, then this could cause a significant hit to your reputation – and we all know that doctors’ “reputation” is everything. Just what can you do to handle patient’s issues online, especially if they have already posted derogatory comments? This can be a very difficult situation, one that can imply a significant loss of income for you, especially if you don’t even know there is a problem. You see; most people search the web online before making a doctor’s appointment or before allowing a referral appointment to take place, and when they see defamatory information posted, they take it as being true. The problem lies in the fact that anyone can say, comment or talk about anything online, and they can do it anonymously. While this may make the internet very attractive for people in general, it can also be dangerous for your medical practice. Why? Well, because eliminating negative or defamatory information online can be difficult. There are no specific drawn out laws in this regard, so the only thing you can do, once the information is posted, is to work at minimizing or eliminating it.  
How do You Eliminate False Reviews or Information?  It may take time to reduce or bury wrongful information, but it can be done by posting correct doctor reviews. How is this done? The easiest way is by hiring the services of a professional online reputation management team. This team will work at posting positive feedback, comments and information that gives your practice credibility.  
Why is Online Credibility so Important? If you have positive credibility online, any negative, defamatory or derogatory comment is minimized against the larger number of positive reviews and comments. Potential clients who then review your practice will not take such comments too seriously when compared against the larger number of positive responses. You can of course create this positive reputation yourself, but it is a time-consuming process, one you may not have time for. To ensure that negative comments or reviews don’t negatively affect your online reputation you should hire professional services to help create a great online medical practice image for you.

 This Article is written by Jennifer Smith

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