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Medical Cases

Spot Diagnosis – Medical Cases Test 1

  • October 4, 2013
  • 1 min read
Spot Diagnosis – Medical Cases Test 1

Spot cases : 5 photographs that can give you spot diagnosis.  Answer the following. Test your clinical knowledge.



1.Spot 1

What is the Diagnosis?

What is the treatment?


2.Spot 2

What is the condition?

What is the cause of this disorder?


3.Spot 3

What is the condition?

What is the inheritance?

rhematoid arthritis

4. Spot 4

What is this deformity?

What is investigation is sent?


5. Spot 5

What is this condition?

What is the cause?

Answer will be published in a week?

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  • Spot 1- Bitot’s spot as seen in Vitamin A deficiency

    Spot 2- Progeria cause?

    Spot3- Xeroderma pigmentosa , X linked dominant disorder

    Spot 4- Swan neck deformity, RA factor4

    Spot 5- Koilonychia, Iron deficiency

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