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An Immortal Spiritual Being

An Immortal Spiritual Being

The biggest question you’ll ask yourself at some point of your life – “Why are you here? Why must you be here?”
On this lonely universe (To the knowledge of the beings on earth so far or the discoveries of scientists made yet), amongst the billions of particles, you, the being on earth on the surface of a planet that inheres …

MBBS Internship : Planning will make you distinct

MBBS Internship : Planning will make you distinct

After Years of Hardship, after the claimed most difficult examination, after years of being worms of book, the entry into the rotatory internship releases the all the dead energy and refreshes students and we often enjoy intership in general. Gone are the days of sleepless readings, gone are the exams, gone are the classes, your first stipend is right ahead …

How to Read a Chest Xray II : Pneumonia

How to Read a Chest Xray II : Pneumonia

Before Proceeding to How to Read Chest Xray of Pneumonia patient , read the sequential reading of chest Xray.
RUZ- Right Upper Zone
RMZ- Right Middle Zone
RLZ- Right Lower Zone
CP angle- Costophrenic Angle
Air Bronchogram- air-filled bronchi (dark) being made visible by the opacification of surrounding alveoli (grey/white)
1. Pneumonia Lobar consolidation – usually Streptococcal pathology
These are  PA film of RMZ pneumonia.

Features of Pneumonia are-

Normal …

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