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Tips for Outsmarting Cancer

Tips for Outsmarting Cancer

The diagnosis of cancer can be a terrifying one. Often when we hear the word cancer, we think of a lower life expectancy rate, decreased quality of life, and endless treatments and therapies. However, cancer doesn’t have to be so scary.

With modern medical advances, cancer is more preventable and treatable than ever. Many cancers, if caught in the early stages, …

Mental Disaster away from home: Nepal Earthquake

Mental Disaster away from home: Nepal Earthquake

Something didn’t feel right, I was kind of anxious and restless since the start of the day. I was in NICU in a Tertiary Centre in New Delhi.  Did feel nothing at the rounds. Came back to work on the computer, the staff told me, A big quake had hit Lamjung. Half worried, I asked him, what magnitude, reply was …

Akinetopsia – Ghost Images

Akinetopsia – Ghost Images

Similar to visualizing the world in snapshots – akinetopsia also known as motion blindness is a rare neuropsychiatric condition characterized by an impairment of motion perception and may apparently seem like a supernatural phenomenon. The ghost sightings and disappearances following alien abduction are some of the misinterpretations that may arise due to this condition. As shown in the video above, …

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