Bishop Score And Modified Bishop Score in Obstetrics

Bishop Score or Prelabor Scoring

Bishop score is a pre-labour scoring system that helps to assist in predicting whether induction of labor will be required during parturition. It uses several clinically measurable parameters to calulate a score.

Components Included to Calculate the score are

  1.  Cervical dilation
  2.  Cervical effacement
  3.  Cervical consistency
  4.  Cervical position
  5.  Fetal station

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Modified Bishop’s Preinduction cervical scoring system

Total Score =13

Favourable Score= 6-13

Unfavourable Score= 0-5

A score of 5 or less suggests that labour is unlikely to start without induction. Use of  PGE2 – Dinopristone Intracervical 0.5 mg gel.

A score of 9 or more indicates that labour will most likely commence spontaneously.

Modified Bishop score

According to the Modified Bishop’s pre-induction cervical scoring system, effacement has been replaced by cervical length in cm, with scores as follows- 0>3cm, 1>2cm, 2>1cm, 3>0cm


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