Acne- a disfiguring skin problem

A common skin problem of adolesence. Acne often disfigures and scar the skin to an extent that may cause depression and low self-confidience among people. • Acne is almost always seen in the teenage years • severity of disease differs per individuals • Peak severity is in the late teenage years But acne may persist into […]

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General Health Issues

Remedies for some common skin problems

REMEDIES FOR SOME COMMON PROBLEMS: DARK CIRCLES: Grind raw patato and almond paste for under eye dark circles. Tea bags after use and be kept in undereye for 15 mins it reduce dark circles. Cucumber juice or slice for 15 mins. Glass of ice water and 4 steel stainless spoon chill and apply on the […]

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ENT Minor

Rhinophyma Or Potato Tumor: A disfiguring tumor

Rhinophyma Or Potato Tumor: An Unsighty tumor of nose :Clinical features and management: It is a slow growing tumor due to hypertrophy of sebaceous glands of tip of nose. Rhinophyma  (an advanced type of rosacea) is characterized by an enlarged, bulbous, and red nose resulting from enlargement of the oil-producing glands beneath the surface of […]

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skin in pregnancy
Beauty tips

Skin Care in Pregnancy

Various Skin problems are likely to arise during pregnancy ranging from pigmentation,acne  to stretch marks which are mostly result of hormonal activity and weight gain. Tips for Skin care in Pregnancy- SKIN IN PREGANCY: gentle cleansing specially glycerine based and rinse off.moisture and apply sun screen with SPF 30 (morning) Make up during pregnancy: less […]

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