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Skin Care in Pregnancy

  • July 17, 2010
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Skin Care in Pregnancy

Various Skin problems are likely to arise during pregnancy ranging from pigmentation,acne  to stretch marks which are mostly result of hormonal activity and weight gain.

Tips for Skin care in Pregnancy-

SKIN IN PREGANCY: gentle cleansing specially glycerine based and rinse off.moisture and apply sun screen with SPF 30 (morning)

skin in pregnancy
Care of Skin in Pregnancy

Make up during pregnancy:

  1. less the better .
  2. Foundation that’s works as well as concelar.
  3. Undereye circle must be tackled with foundation. moisturiser and sunscreen and water proof mascara.


Stretch mark:

  1. during its formation use of olive oil in the area is helpful.
  2. Later retinoids can be used ( Not to be used in pregnancy)
  3. Dermabrassion.
  4. Pulsed dye laser in some cases.


  1. Bleaching agent (hydroquione 4%) may cause irritation so use with hydrocortisone 1% .
  2. superfical  chemical bleach and microdermabrassion.
  3. Topical agent (azelaic acid)


  1. oily skin and hormonal imbalance cause it.
  2. Antibacterial and antibiotic agent(clindamycin ,benzyl peroxide )
  3. oral antibiotics ,
  4. sometime laser later.
  5. Retinoid is helpful but contraindicated

Advice:- Do not take any medication without physicians or dermatologist’s precription.
Specially during pregnancy which is a critical period for child and mother.

Article By: Dr. Akriti Sharma

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  • i just love aloe vera. it makes my skin so much softer. it is a beautifull plant. see ya

  • Smile and remain happy – the age old belief that smiling exercises more muscles of the face than a frown may also help. Happiness increases the blood flow inside the body and, thus, reflects in the form of a healthy and glowing skin.

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