Top 10 Medical Colleges in Nepal: Updated

Ranking of medical colleges of Nepal by Medchrome Magazine- Among the all Medical Colleges in Nepal. The Rating and ranking was done by team of members and small survey. It included all available medical colleges in Nepal, including KU, TU , PAHS, BPKIHS. This Ranking is based on following factors:
  • Basic Science Strength
  • Faculty qualifications and numbers per departments
  • Patient flow in OPDs and Clinical exposure at Bedside
  • Infrastructures- Wards, Subspecialities, Buildings, Hostels, Labs
  • Choice among students- as per comfort, preference
  • National and International reputation- Worldwide
  • Journals, Seminars and international publishing
  • Online presence in any form
  • Statistics from old rankings, Quota of student per patient
  • Feedback from faculties and Medical students.
Top 10 Medical Colleges in Nepal
  1. Institute of Medicine (IOM) TUTH, Maharajgunj,Kathmandu – Located in the Center of Kathmandu Valley, is the mother institute of most reputed current doctors in Nepal.  This one has a Brand and is the top choice for medical students. IOM has highest succes rate in USMLE post MBBS. This remains the first choice for all people appearing for MBBS entrance.
  2. B.P.Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Dharan – Once known for the legendary faculty members who are authors of the books we study, today still maintains the reputation in top 3 in Nepal. Brand of BPKIHS sells well. Few years back was even declared as best Medical college.
  3. Patan Academy of Health Science (PAHS), Lalitpur – With its talented faculty and unique system of teaching learning, PAHS is developing to be one of best in Nepal. This is just the start and it very much looks like they will be on the top list for a while. PAHS not only teaches medical students medicine but also ethics, duty and community service. Students who passed out have a high moral and self value.
  4. Kathmandu Medical College (KMC), Kathmandu – A well organized system with Basic science building located in Bhaktapur and a popular Hospital in Kathmandu. It is the rising college among Private Medical institutes. Since hospital has good flow of patients, students do get adequate exposure in clinicals.
  5. Manipal College of Medical Science ( MCOMS), Pokhara – Once considered the 1st choice for students among private medical colleges in Nepal, located in the valley of Pokhara, is still one of the top reputed colleges in Nepal. Most beautiful location and is quite popular among foreign students, specially Indians.
  6. Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences (KUSMS), Dhulikhel – With the unique preference on Problem based learning, the college quickly rose to popularity.
  7. Chitwan Medical College- Led by a promising Doctor, Dr Harish Neupane, Chitwan medical college has rose from scratches to one of the highest facility institutes in Nepal. Addition of Specialty departments has made CMC standout among all hospitals in Med hub- Chitwan,
  8. Nepalese Army Institute of Health Sciences: Rising Medical College run under Nepal army.
  9. Nepalgunj Medical College ( NGMC) – With the great passing rate among the MBBS students, it is among choice for people wanting to go outside valley.
  10. Universal College of Medical Sciences (UCMS), Bhairawa – A TU affiliate college is best after IOM under the university umbrella.

If you have any feedbacks, Please let us know. The ratings are based on calculations from team of Medchrome.

Which do you think should be included in the list here?

The Colleges which are contending for list are

  1. College of Medical Sciences (COMS)– Chitwan based medical colleges is a MBBS and PG center with facility for DM/MCH course, it is one of the  the top choice for students .
  2. KIST Medical College: It has developed into a prominent medical college in capital Kathmandu, with good faculties and patient flow, it is becoming a choice for medical students.

Conclusion is Chose Government Medical College or Academy over Private in Nepal.

85 thoughts on “Top 10 Medical Colleges in Nepal: Updated

    1. KUSM was established much later than its affiliate counterparts, so obviously it has yet to acheive the milestones.

    1. Army is young Medical college and has yet to produce MBBS pass outs. Its good hospital and like in India it shall be one of the best sooner in future.

    2. yeah same here NAIHS Nepal Army Institute Of Health Science is one of the best medical college in nepal and even pass out results of our college is quite impressive and more better than the IOM results . Even the paying amount is very less as compare to other colleges .
      @I am proud to be one of the student of NAIHS.

    3. yeah same here NAIHS Nepal Army Institute Of Health Science is one of the best medical college in nepal and even pass out results of our college is quite impressive and more better than the IOM results . Even the paying amount is very less as compare to other colleges .
      @I am proud to be one of the student of NAIHS.

  1. Inspection ko belama anathalaya bata bachha leyayera khali vako 5th floor ma pedicatrics ward cha vanera fake ward banayera dekhauni ani ratarat india bata khade baba jhikayera tanna faculty dekhauni class line belama resident lai lina lagauni college of medical sciences kasari top 10 ma ayo

    1. For admissions in these listed college
      How much I have to secure minimum marks in iom entrance?

      Please reply soon!

  2. How much % i have to secure to fill up the medical entrance foam in IOM?
    please reply soon as far as possible.

  3. What about mangsi and asar moe exam?
    i heard mangsir moe exam nominates candidate in ku and asar in tu medical college.
    Is it necessary to appear kumet exam to get scholar via moe in ku affilated medical college?

  4. Dear Sir, i had passed with 58% in medical entrance examination of TU in this FY. which colleges of Nepal will be the most probable to get admission with admission cost for whole MBBS courses.

  5. What is the expected merit marks for admission in B.P.Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Dharan ?
    Please please reply soon

  6. I am a student of Bangladesh. I want to study in Nepal for MBBS course .
    Please sir help me .
    Could u let me know about the directly admission procedure ?

    1. No direct admission is possible. You will have to appear for University entrance exam but foreign students will have less competition and more priority while getting seats.
      Learn about KUMET, TU, BPKIHS

      1. please tell me..about whole fee structure and scholarships availble for indian students in bpkihs and iom

  7. Is neet qualification is essential for indian student to get admisdion in medical college of nepal. Plz reply soon.

  8. Would you please list them according to the financial amount of bribe required for admission? How much fees beyond that which is mandated by the government? Also, it would be great to also look at the numbers of hospitalized patients in each of the associated teaching hospitals on average.

    Please share the criteria for inclusion on this list.

    1. We have no such data, but if you see the list, the excellent ones are where the money talks less and merit talks more. Sooner Patan academy will be top in the list.

  9. To get admission in IOM where should I go ?and what should I do for scholarship ? What are the facility for scholarship holders.

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