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How to become a Doctor in Nepal: Steps

  • February 21, 2015
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How to become a Doctor in Nepal: Steps

After completing the School leaving certificate level, students have a decision to take- to enroll in a Science faculty or Commerce. Its a decision which will decide the future lifestyle, profession and sector the student will get into.

In the Intermediate level- 10+2 or I Sc

You should Enter the Biology Group, as Physics leads to Engineering and other technical sectors.

If you are opting for Medical education, 10+2 seems a better option, as it is more modern syllabus and has better scoring in the exams. I Sc though respected is till conventional and students score less even thought they are good.

What difference will it make?  In Institute of Medicine- No difference, in MOE entrance and KU entrance a Big Yes. In MOE, previously, 20 marks was allotted for Intermediate level marks. A good student scores 75% in I Sc = 15/20 while HSEB board scores 85%= 17/20. When you compete for scholarship, you will realize 2 marks may mean you may lag behind dozens if not hundred competitors.

Make sure you score a good marks in your finals, it will be a great aid.

Doctor in Nepal

What after Intermediate?

Students have a big time, a time of confusion, a time of dilemma, a time when you wander for guidance, to chose the right path for life. It’s time to enter a profession unofficially. Many apply for abroad in other fields.

Most students willing to pursue  MBBS ie Bachelor in Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery, a first step to becoming a doctor, stay back and prepare for Entrance exams. There are few Scholarship quotas for bright students, women and deprived communities.

1. Institute of Medicine ( IOM ), TUTH is the top Priority

2. BPKIHS- Dharan

3. MOE

4. Japanese Embassy scholarship

5. Indian Embassy Scholorship

6. Pakistani Embassy scholarship

7. Patan Academy of Health Sciences scholarhip

8. China/ Russia scholarships

9. Nepal Army Scholarship

And Rest come under Donation seats ie paid. Paid category requires you to pay 30+ lakh for thecourse and many other hidden costs.

There are various Entrance Preparation institutes which claim to have a hand in getting you through the MBBS scholarship, which in reality is your own hardship, work and effort. Find the right syllabus, books and a senior who can guide you. However, joining such institutes will be helpful as they will stimulate you and orient you to the study and exam.

Students who get through TU entrance, KU entrance, PAHS and Army may be allowed to join Medicine under Payment quota if they cannot get the scholarship.

Many other Wait for Next year, while preparing years to come. Some students chose the foreign destination like China, Philippines, Russia and Ukraine, Bangladesh, Pakistan. Before going abroad make sure, the course you chose is correct and the university is Nepal Medical Council Recognized else, you will have to suffer after graduating.


Becoming A Doctor

MBBS is the first step to the path of Becoming a Doctor. In Russia same degree is denoted MD. After 5-6 years of study , you will be eligible to the entitlement of Medical Doctor in Nepal.


After Studies-

Masters, Post Graduate course – 3 years MD/MS

DM or MCH degree- Another 3 years.

Fellowship Training Programs- 1-3 years

So In our setting it takes , minimum 9 years of studies ( if without Break ) to become a Specialist Doctor, and up to 12 years for Superspecialization starting from MBBS. If you are all ready for the journey, Join in the Medical fraternity.

It is a Dream that Sells, Aim that is imposed, before joining make sure, you really have the dedication and interest for it.



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