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Top 10 Medical Colleges in Nepal: Updated

  • August 4, 2020
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Top 10 Medical Colleges in Nepal: Updated
Ranking of medical colleges of Nepal by Medchrome Magazine- Among the all Medical Colleges in Nepal. The Rating and ranking was done by team of members and small survey. It included all available medical colleges in Nepal, including KU, TU , PAHS, BPKIHS. This Ranking is based on following factors:
  • Basic Science Strength
  • Faculty qualifications and numbers per departments
  • Patient flow in OPDs and Clinical exposure at Bedside
  • Infrastructures- Wards, Subspecialities, Buildings, Hostels, Labs
  • Choice among students- as per comfort, preference
  • National and International reputation- Worldwide
  • Journals, Seminars and international publishing
  • Online presence in any form
  • Statistics from old rankings, Quota of student per patient
  • Feedback from faculties and Medical students.
Top 10 Medical Colleges in Nepal
  1. Institute of Medicine (IOM) TUTH, Maharajgunj,Kathmandu – Located in the Center of Kathmandu Valley, is the mother institute of most reputed current doctors in Nepal.  This one has a Brand and is the top choice for medical students. IOM has highest succes rate in USMLE post MBBS. This remains the first choice for all people appearing for MBBS entrance.
  2. B.P.Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Dharan – Once known for the legendary faculty members who are authors of the books we study, today still maintains the reputation in top 3 in Nepal. Brand of BPKIHS sells well. Few years back was even declared as best Medical college.
  3. Patan Academy of Health Science (PAHS), Lalitpur – With its talented faculty and unique system of teaching learning, PAHS is developing to be one of best in Nepal. This is just the start and it very much looks like they will be on the top list for a while. PAHS not only teaches medical students medicine but also ethics, duty and community service. Students who passed out have a high moral and self value.
  4. Kathmandu Medical College (KMC), Kathmandu – A well organized system with Basic science building located in Bhaktapur and a popular Hospital in Kathmandu. It is the rising college among Private Medical institutes. Since hospital has good flow of patients, students do get adequate exposure in clinicals.
  5. Manipal College of Medical Science ( MCOMS), Pokhara – Once considered the 1st choice for students among private medical colleges in Nepal, located in the valley of Pokhara, is still one of the top reputed colleges in Nepal. Most beautiful location and is quite popular among foreign students, specially Indians.
  6. Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences (KUSMS), Dhulikhel – With the unique preference on Problem based learning, the college quickly rose to popularity.
  7. Chitwan Medical College- Led by a promising Doctor, Dr Harish Neupane, Chitwan medical college has rose from scratches to one of the highest facility institutes in Nepal. Addition of Specialty departments has made CMC standout among all hospitals in Med hub- Chitwan,
  8. Nepalese Army Institute of Health Sciences: Rising Medical College run under Nepal army.
  9. Nepalgunj Medical College ( NGMC) – With the great passing rate among the MBBS students, it is among choice for people wanting to go outside valley.
  10. Universal College of Medical Sciences (UCMS), Bhairawa – A TU affiliate college is best after IOM under the university umbrella.

If you have any feedbacks, Please let us know. The ratings are based on calculations from team of Medchrome.

Which do you think should be included in the list here?

The Colleges which are contending for list are

  1. College of Medical Sciences (COMS)– Chitwan based medical colleges is a MBBS and PG center with facility for DM/MCH course, it is one of the  the top choice for students .
  2. KIST Medical College: It has developed into a prominent medical college in capital Kathmandu, with good faculties and patient flow, it is becoming a choice for medical students.

Conclusion is Chose Government Medical College or Academy over Private in Nepal.

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  • what about Gandaki Medical College ??? Can u please give me details about patient flow in GMC??

    • GMC is Recongnised college and patient flow is average for that of all Private medical colleges.

  • What is about Gandaki Medical College ? Can we send our child to admit there?

  • ARMY will take the first position after 3-4 years no doubt on that !!

  • What about National Medical College Birgunj? Any info about it based on faculty members and student passing percentage?

  • Both colleges where I did MBBS from and doing currently MS in, are in the list.I feel proud to be among the product of these medical schools.the criteria you have put for the evaluation are satisfactory.I suggest you to elaborate the criteria of your evaluation. Your genuine effort is really appreciable.Moreover, if these kinds of evaluation are further conducted with more efforts in regular interval,it will definitely be productive for uplift of medical education and health care system in Nepal.

    • Thank you dr Pradeep.

    • which college did you study?

  • education is ultimately for service… the equitable and socially accountable that is and not on how successful one becomes, i.e. ‘adding zeros in accounts’ that most people do not even remember after some time, and by the time we realise the get to ‘ghat is wide open’… its hard work to put the pieces together… university and academic institutions must have solid foundation but then, medicine is more than science, its ‘humane’… pahs was built up on over half a century of ‘socially accountable, equitable’ health services of patan hospital, which still lacks the high end glittering machinery but that has not prevented it rendering service to all walks of people… ‘bench research is basics’ no doubt and so is ‘academics’ but its output is maximises only when we combine ‘health service’ with the education we provide, its not the fault of drs or other health professional to migrate out… rather the way we ‘nurture’ them, the environment in which we ‘mold’ them in 5 plus years of medical school, the time when mind and soul is so receptive of ideas and ideology…i m happy that pahs being young institute has been in, albeit at 10, but that do not matter, what we have to see is ‘education and health’ in nepal is ‘uniquely pathetic’ with 10/90 public not for profit vs pvt/for profit… and this probably needs to be taken in account too… medical education if not combines with ‘service’ ant that with- socially accountable and equitable ones not just ‘state of art, rare surgery or medical treatment’ … instead with broad base service to broader community and at the same time consider top level ‘modern’ service… no one will deny that food looks and tastes better when we add ‘achar and papad and dahi’ to dal-bhat-tarkari and not other way round…its good start to have some kind of ranking, no system is perfect… and we certainly can add up on it….pvt sector has done very good what they are supposed to do… only what we see the lacking is ‘public institutions’ have not lived up to the need people and state… we need to work out to reverse the 10/90 public/pvt, because its about ‘people’ the most basic need of ‘health n education’ not like producing best ‘mil dollar ferrari’… if we are talking about ‘establishing brand’ of health education institution…

    • Thank you for sharing your vision Dr Jay, this is what the policy makers of the country should be thinking.
      And About ranking system, it will definitely improve next session. This was our editor ranking based on various criteria with scores on total of 8 . Next time we will try adding big surveys and polls to the system.

  • I think kist medical college should come after Kums because it has very good faculties and they are always encouraging students to study and be patient oriented. Thanks

    • KIST is definitely doing good and I am sure it will leap in coming years. Its good that you like your college environment.

    • KIST medical college is shit if you compare it to the above mentioned ranking criterias..
      Basic Science Strength : Good/Satisfactory
      Faculty qualifications and numbers per departments : 7/10
      Patient flow in OPDs and Clinical exposure at Bedside : Poor (Wards almost empty at times).. full during inspections though.. if you know what i mean.
      Infrastructures- Wards, Subspecialities, Buildings, Hostels, Labs : Poor. really poor
      Choice among students- as per comfort, preference : only plus is that it is situated in Kathmandu Valley
      National and International reputation- Worldwide : you must be kidding me
      Journals, Seminars and international publishing : you must be kidding right here too
      Online presence in any form : only negative presence
      Statistics from old rankings, Quota of student per patient : patient flow is really poor. so you get the point

      • There are pretty efforts on publications -
        Don’t get overwhelmed. It takes time for an institution to mature.

  • This is good initiative. Thanks administrator. Indeed need to have more logical basis, explanation and evidences. However, 6 out of 10 fall under Kathmandu university. All public institute has good standing. TU IOM is historical, most privileged, experienced and established – must always be in number one, and unfair to compare with those, which has not all these features. Wish all improve to be best.

    • Thank you Dr Koju, In future we will come up with Real time data, include multi-level survey and count Journal publications. There is always space to improve. Kathmandu University is doing well to keep up the standards in Medical education and it’s contribution to the field is huge.

  • We still belief BPKIHS is more superior to IOM in both patient care and research….

    • It’s a tough call as for MBBS study.
      As a PG center and Superspeciality with Renal transplants, CTVS autonomous body, upcoming Oncology Buildings, we still think IOM has the call in patient care.

  • mbbs sucks.. its worthless.. progress depend solely on student… wherever you study.. they are absolute juniors of medical science

    • And you spoke the most important thing. Student is the prime person.

      • Yes . Student is the most important one . It depends on dedication of the student. I did my MBBS from CMS, chitwan with best professors in all subjects. Got my P. G entrance cleared in one shot with a very good rank , did my M. D here in india and am now practicing dermatology . I think all colleges in Nepal are good.

  • if we talk about case diversities and number of cases, ngmc doesnt deserve the position u mentioned!!! it sud be in top 5…

    • The ranking is not based solely that criteria, but most medical colleges in Terai regions have good patient flow.

  • What about lumbini medical college? ?

    • LMC is young and will need to walk more miles.

  • Did you even conduct a survey.? a complete report would have been more informative. It looks superficial, Artbituary, and biased. Anyone who knows a bit about medical schools in nepal can come up with such posts every now and then. credibility?

    • We will try to put data of our workups in the article. No Medical college personal or any people who will benefit is involved in the ranking process. This is the only way we could decrease bias.

  • I’m from India and KMC sucks! Its not what it looking like!


  • I have heared lot about Chitwan Meedical College(CMC) and i have worked there as paramedic for 1 year in the emergency department,but i don’t see the name in the list

    • CMC is good college, and is fighting to get in the list.

  • what about Nepalese Army Institute of health sciences??

    • Nepal Army have very good infrastructure but it is fresh and will need to age and the build more MBBS products to prove. I am sure Army will come really strong in near future.

  • Th e reality is:
    IOM till 1997: Number 1 ranked Medical College
    1997-2003: Manipal College of Medical Sciences, Pokhara, Unanimously number 1, look at the past products of the college, no need to explain anything, absolutely high class teaching, world class teachers and even now KU prefers MCOMs over any other PVT medical colleges under KU for student enrolment. However the scenario changed after the management changed in MCOMS after about 2003, now it is an average medical college.
    2003-till present:
    1. IOM no doubt (long history, consistent quality teaching)
    2. BPKIHS (Reason same, excellent infrastructure)
    3. MCOMs (Probably the best even now in terms of infrastructure, teaching has been a negative now rest is all western quality)
    Rest all just fill the numbers
    So they are IOM, MCOMs and BPKIHS in any given date

    • Absolutely good analysis. But You cannot negate and ignore other 7 medical colleges. KMC is among top choice for medical students now, NMC has high success in PG entrance in IOM and BPKIHS, CMS, chitwan and Bhairawa are becoming the new Medical Hub in Nepal. NGMC has good patient flow, and passing rates. KUSMS has a unique system and products have proven the system. So, the race is on for the coming years.

  • Based on which criteria NMC is better than KUSMS?? Reply will be appreciated.

    • Based on patient flow and infrastructure, based on Age and reputation, and based on at Adjusted or same price for Admission , which college student would chose.
      Please do visit NMCTH in 2015.

  • What about NAMS ( National Academy of Medical Science) Mahaboudha

    • This is MBBS ranking.

  • IOM is probably good but i was surprised it Mentors young doctors to go Abroad rather than serve our own country.. Thats sad especially since govt spends so much on IT every year.

    • Dr Bhim, we did not mean this, IOM pass-outs are working as Faculties, new PGs, and in remote areas as well. Regarding going to US, we cannot blame Doctors totally here. Everyone in all fields targets for better living and growth.
      But I am glad you raised an important issue. You are right in most aspects.

    • I dont think IOM mentors students to go abroad. I have studied here and many prefer to go abroad because of bad policy of government and inability of government to provide the needs of hard working scholars. Scholarship is not free, it needs much effort and sacrifices.

    • either you have no idea about IOM or you dont know what mentoring means. IOM does not mentor people to go abroad. Students go abroad by their choice and in search of better PG opportunities. It is not something that is encouraged by the institution.

  • I’m from India and KMC sucks! Its not what it looking like!

  • Good initiative.
    Compared to the private medical colleges, BPKIHS and IOM had started operating long back and have produced many doctors who had already become popular and respected in their fields. Regarding the infrastructure they are enjoying free meal. It will be nice to see the scenario after 5 years. I think KMC is not less than them in any other aspects. Private medical colleges do not receive any privilege from the government and other institutions. Their hospitals provide quality services at reasonable price despite the lack of such state grants.

    • Prof Dr Sunil,
      It would be good to see colleges compete for the betterment, I am sure students would benefit a lot.

  • please post similar rankings for post graduation .

    • Doctor Sudip, we will try to come up with that. Keep following our updates.

  • I think except students choice in your creteria above all creteria is best in BPKIHS, Dharan. Because BPKIHS is established in peripheri, students choice will be IOM. if BPKIHS is at centre and IOM is at peripheri then students choice will be BPKIHS and number 1 in your top ten.

    • BPKIHS was also listed as best medical college in Nepal few years backs.In all aspects BPKIHS is a tough on. You may be right but based on 3 parameters, we ranked it in one, the Location is in city so students choice is one , other is the Brand value created by passed out students of IOM outside and inside Nepal and brand really matters. Leaving all this, for MBBS I would say, BPKIHS would be better.

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