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First Year in Medical College- MBBS students life

  • July 7, 2014
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First Year in Medical College- MBBS students life

After several queries from our readers, mainly the students planning to join and those who have just joined in the Medical School MBBS course about how the first year here in MBBS looks like, we have shared our first hand experience. We will also be talking on details about all the aspects that concerns and are related to a medical student in the 1st year.

Joining a MBBS course is a jolt of fresh enthusiasm and eagerness about what shall come ahead and feeling of security and pride over the profession one has ensued. At the same time the enumerable queries about whether the course is within own capability and the fear of the Hearsay can make days bit of a turmoil. So a good counselling is what you people need at this time.

MBBS first year


Lets begin with the entry into a Medical school. Once you are enrolled, you might be in a hurry to know the subjects and many may want to start studying even before joining to stay ahead during the course, but MBBS is something different to start early without a teacher and during the long course ranging 5.5-6 years of study, you’ll have ample of time to study everything if you keep up your aptitude. What you should know is-

MBBS course has Basic Science and Clinical Medicine plus 1 year of compulsory rotatory Internship. First 2 years will be focussing on Basic Science which will encompass subjects

  • – Anatomy
  • -Physiology
  • -Biochemistry
  • -Pharmacology
  • – Microbiology
  • -Pathology
  • -Community Medicine.

Don’t worry about the subjects right know.. and of course you’ll have practical classes on related subjects.

Clinical Medicine will have subjects like-

  • -Medicine with Dermatology, Psychiatry
  • -Surgery and Orthopedics
  • -Pediatrics and Adolescent medicine
  • -Gynecology and Obstetrics

Minor subjects

  • -Ophthalmology
  • -ENT
  • -Forensic Medicine
  • -Community Medicine


With the starting of classes, most of you’ll be staying hostel, at many centres hostel is compulsory. Then starts the good days of Hostel, mess, sports, knowing new friends … socializing… and touch of the books..


But what remains still a fear at many parts is the “Ragging”. However it is mostly meant for socialization. Still the myth and sometimes horrific ragging have occurred around medical schools. If a limit is crossed, do not constraint yourself, rather you should try to resolve it with your family member. Let them know whats happening.


is one good friend now for students, and a regular place to meet up, socialize and study. Staying at hostel or close to the College provides you an access to library which is the most important place to be. You’ll surely meet helpful seniors who’ll be ready to guide you through the course and will share their valuable experience about the subjects and teachers as well.

Read How to –

Study Daily in MBBS

Studying during Exams


is one thing that’ll attract you but many may not have opportunity to meet patients in first 2 years, however some centers do start clinical postings from the very year.


Mind that, every Medical college hostel is full of Parties and all those stuff. Night outs, Movies, Sports, Picnics, Dance parties are all cultures, without them life would just Suck.. Don’t expect hostel to be peaceful and ambient for study until the EXAMS arrive..


At first the exams will seem impossible to pass as everything is new, but with time as you are good with medical terms and facts, you’ll be acclimatized with it. Still MBBS exams are difficult and the exam times are moments to remember all life..


First time now you’ll have books as fat as you and which when piled one over other will be taller than you.. Don’t give up… because everyone has gone by the same course, if they can you can… its a routine..

Read- Books for MBBS Basic Science


of the change in life.. too much of study load…loss of social life, loss of the fun-life are due to come, but studying MBBS you have already prepared for the sacrifice, you’ll eventually adjust.

What if I fail?


is almost the same.. except during Exams and post exams..


carefully, as what you’ll become will be determined by the group you are in. If you want fun join similar guys and if you want seriousness.. chose the partners carefully.


is obvious as you are planning on getting a Bachelor of Biomedicine, which is a dream coming true. Don’t let this dream fade away.. keep it as an inspiration to guide you in coming days..

WELCOME… and Best of Luck

If anybody have a different aspect and more to add to, you can always comment below. Lets help the juniors.

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  • Do medical class consisting of experimenting with healthy body for study, just like dead bodies. Do they use anatomical living model just like in fine art class?

  • Do medical colleges use living anatomical models or living medical model just as fine art colleges uses life model for anatomical studies.. If so, how can i contact medical colleges.

  • can you provide the whole syllabus for MBBS first year for TU?

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  • Hi sir
    I am currently in class 11th. I want to know which books are best to study for the exams and also to prepare for entrance exams side by side..

    I think you are the right person to ask this question because you have already gone through this stage…

    • Are you from India or Nepal Dipanshu?

  • Sir give any ideas to pass first year .
    And how can i overcome my fear about exams
    And first year in medical

  • how should we study so that we couldnot forget what we have learned???

    • Sunita, We have written an article regarding this. Study at right time.

  • Sir I have failed in all 3 subjects of mbbs first year…can you please tell me how to study and what topics to study because only 1 month is left for supp exam..

    • Nidhi
      We will be able to help you when you tell us the 3 subjects.

    • did u pass the exam//

    • sala pass karne kee liye padna bhi padta hai…..

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