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10 things you must carry for Clinical Practical Exam

  • October 1, 2013
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10 things you must carry for Clinical Practical Exam

Clinical Practical exam must always be attended by students fully equipped. Make sure you don’t have to worry for devices, so that you can concentrate and keep all the time for your history taking and examination. Here are a list of instruments you must carry for your Practical exam in MBBS.

Make sure you carry your IDENTITY CARD with your Exam Roll number tagged to your white-coat. Make sure you carry your admit card.

1. Stethoscope: I need not explain the importance of this device. A must carry instrument without which it is impossible to pass a clinical exam practical. Used for chest auscultation, heart auscultation to bowel auscultation, this is vital for every students.

2.Sphygmomanometer: A blood pressure measurement device. Most Examiners would like to see students bring their own sphygmomanometer. Analog device will do good as they are portable and examiners prefer it.

3.Torch: A Pen-torch with yellow light is preferred over white light and larger torches. Used for examination of Pupillary reflexes, Eyes, Nose and Throat and for illumination tests. A must carry device as well.

4.Clinical Hammer: A plastic hammer with round head is preferred over the conventional metal hammer with rubber. It s required for examination of reflexes. A must carry device for students.

5. CNS kit– CNS kit comprises of 2 Tuning forks of 512 and 256 Hertz , Tubes with solutions to test Sour, sweet and salt sensation, a soap or ginger for smell sensation, cotton pieces or soft brush for sensory tests, and spatula. A CNS kit box available can be impressive during exams.

6. Measuring tape– A must in Pediatrics examination for measuring height, length, Head and chest circumference, Upper-lower segment ratio, abdominal girth and required even for measuring abdominal girth in ascites.

7. Two Scales ( Rulers)– to measure Jugular venous pressure.

8. Centile Charts– Weight, height, BP centile charts for children

For Residents

9. Ophthalmoscope – For ophthalmology,medicine, pediatrics residents

10. Otoscope– For ENT, Pediatrics residents.

Therefore, make sure you keep them ready before you go to Clinical Practical exam.

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  • Can anyone please explain as to why yellow light torch is preferred over white light ?

    • Because bright white light may cause visual irritation, specially led lights.

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