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Overcoming Accident-Related Health, Financial Struggles

  • February 1, 2015
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Overcoming Accident-Related Health, Financial Struggles

Car accidents frequently leave a lasting impression on one’s life, even after a significant amount of time has passed since the event occurred. It’s not uncommon to suffer from feelings of hopelessness following an accident, whether it was a major or seemingly minor event. Many people also face financial and legal struggles following a car accident. 


Mental Health and Accidents

Post traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a common problem after a traumatic event such as a car accident. According to the University of Pennsylvania, current literature suggests that approximately eight percent of the U.S. population matches the qualifying criteria for PTSD. In the event of an accident, this disorder may occur among drivers, passengers, or witnesses. While it’s true that the disorder can affect everyone involved in the accident, it’s also true that not everyone will develop PTSD following an accident.

Adjustment disorder is a term used to describe a psychological disturbance following a stressful event. One common cause of this disorder is car accidents or witnessing a bad accident. Over time, many people suffering from an adjustment disorder are able to overcome the discomfort related to the accident. However, some individuals need support and guidance from a therapist or mental health provider in order to heal.

For someone who has been in an accident, the resulting adjustment disorder frequently involves stressful life changes. Common examples include a fear of driving in general or feeling afraid of cars and trucks on the highway when driving. Other life changes may include physical disabilities and learning to live with chronic pain after the event. Aside from emotional symptoms such as sadness, hopelessness, anxiety, trouble sleeping, and difficulty concentrating, there may be behavioral symptoms as well. These symptoms may include ignoring bills, avoiding family or friends, and suffering from poor school or work performance. While this disorder can occur at any time, most people who develop it start to feel distressed or out of control within the first three months following the triggering event. 

Financial Difficulties

Issues or injuries stemming from car accidents can quickly lead to mounting financial expenses. Such expenses frequently lead to numerous financial difficulties, as any unplanned expense often does. Not only do these finances involve crash-related injuries and subsequent care, but they may also involve loss of wages from the inability to travel to work. In this scenario, losing a car for just a few days can quickly impact one’s finances.

Dealing with a mounting number of bills can be quite difficult. Over time, accident victims burdened with such a financial strain can start to feel a loss of purpose along with an increased amount of stress in personal and work relationships. In some cases, accident victims have lost their homes because they don’t have any resources left to pay medical expenses stemming from the accident.

As if mental and physical health problems, along with financial difficulties, weren’t enough to deal with, some people also face legal problems after an accident. San Diego-based Mike Pines is one lawyer who assists with injuries related to car accidents in the Southern California region. Specialized car accident attorneys are a special breed and necessary in today’s world. When you’re suffering from accident-related injuries or other troubles, it’s a good idea to count on an expert with years of experience successfully defending clients who were in a similar position. Serious accidents can undoubtedly throw your life off track, but it is possible to regain some, if not all, of what was previously lost. 

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