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Implants vs Dentures: What’s Your Best Option?

  • October 29, 2020
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Implants vs Dentures: What’s Your Best Option?

You did everything you could to have healthy and strong teeth throughout your life. You even got braces as an adult. Yet, at some point it is clear that you are having dental problems all the same. And as an adult it is difficult to save your teeth.

Sometimes a root canal is simply not going to work. Especially if you have a deep infection is evident. In this case the tooth simply has to go. So, what to do then? Your teeth aren’t growing back in as they had when you were a kid.

You essentially have two choices. Get an expensive implant, or uncomfortable dentures. Well, thanks to modern dentistry, pros like Smilovits DDS will make sure that the choice is not that drastic. Implants are less expensive than ever and dentures are actually pretty comfortable now.

In this article, I will go into detail what each option is like so you can choose the best route for you. 

What do you actually need

Let’s take a moment before we dive into your options and discuss if you even need to replace the tooth that is missing. Suppose the tooth is somewhere that doesn’t affect your smile and can’t be easily seen.

You may be tempted to not even replace it. That is actually a mistake as you are running some risks of other dental problems. For instance, your gums are very sensitive and some foods could actually cut them open causing an infection.

There is also the possibility of the surrounding teeth moving towards the open space where the missing tooth was. This can end up causing those teeth to get cavities since there will be gaps between them and their neighboring teeth.

In other words, even if it isn’t a cosmetic issue, you do need to get those teeth replaced by either dentures or implants. 


Dentures are essentially molded false teeth that can be inserted and removed. They are attached to a plate and held into place by fitting over the gums. If you’re missing sets of teeth, then this is a good option for you. It would be difficult to fit a denture over just one empty space where the tooth was.

Years ago dentures were uncomfortable and had a habit to slip out of place while eating or talking. This would be embarrassing as well as inconvenient. These days, they are fitted better for more security and comfort. They are far less expensive than having an implant done.


If you only have a tooth or two missing then you might want implants. They are quite expensive as they require a couple of visits and the procedure is intense. An anchor is drilled directly into the bone in the first visit. Then the subsequent visit is when the actual fake tooth is inserted over the anchor. 

The teeth are made from diverse materials but are actually stronger than your real teeth. They are permanent and are very durable so you get a lifetime out of the cost of an implant. 

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