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Gothic woods: Poetry

  • November 26, 2010
  • 2 min read
Gothic woods: Poetry

When the skies are dark, clouds are light..

Stars shimmering, my eyes in delight..

A rush of breeze blowing off the leaves.

Amongst the trees, an old lady weeps

The howling sounds , breeze pass meadows,

Nearer we go, we see she looks like a widow..

Below the dark woods, she appears so white..

Inside ,We all realize , something isn’t right..

Suddenly a strange silence strikes the night,

Dressed in white gown, eyes deadly bright..

jumps and limps reckless towards a tree..

Climbs up like lizard and hops like a flea..

Pale and white, we run for the shade..

We realize she’s return from the dead..

” Wait… Wait..for me” she shrieks..

We weren’t ready to fall for her tricks..

” Its my forest, my wood, my home, my grave

You dare trespass here, U’r blood’s that I crave..

Run.. where you want, You know you cant hide..

you’ll find me running , right by your side”

Our hearts pounding, too cold to sweat..

Her shreiking voice still says ” Wait..wait”

We were no different than the dead..

The Fear making us white and red..

All of a sudden, we see a golden ball..

Rising to the sky, the darkness fall..

” Trrrrrinnnng…. Trrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiinggg”

Uff.. the Alarm, thought it was a Call..

Poem by -Sujit Shrestha

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