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HIV/AIDS situation in Nepal

  • February 10, 2017
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HIV/AIDS situation in Nepal

The National Center for AIDS and STD control has updated its national data on HIV AIDS epidemiology and prevalence till year 2016 AD. Here is the picture depicting, the number of positive cases, people living with HIV.

Also the data on PMTCT services in Nepal is shown.

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Preventing mother to child transmission of HIV (PMTCT) in Nepal

National Consolidated Guidelines for Treating and Preventing HIV in Nepal

Must read Guidelines – Download PMTCT guidelines and Management of HIV and AIDS in children in Nepal 2011.

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  • Hi all! Can any of you provide any info/ link/ resource regarding the latest data/ status of HIV/ AIDS in Nepal??? I would be grateful.

  • I need hiv/aids related literature of different viewer or agencies by 2004 AD.

  • i have need statement of problem faced by people living with hiv/aids.

    • Subindra,
      What help can we offer you on the topic.
      Tell us your need clearly and we will try to help you

      • the require document is the theoritical review of hiv by the year 2004 by different viewer

  • I am very good and happy to you and send article with resaerch

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