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Carving my Thoughts on the Rocks

  • December 27, 2013
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Carving my Thoughts on the Rocks

The unchallenged beauty of the night, a cold wind, some trance music and a mind lost into the thoughts, thoughts of an unknown, thoughts stranger than a stranger, a thought that is like a dream where the consciousness of a man is subtotal and thin. Merely a blink of eyes and the thin line between my consciousness and the dream is broken through, sends me on a staring spells and with the next blink, I am back to my senses. I have been living in this for year gone by and possibly will follow in year to come. The abstracts that are pictured in my thoughts are eager to get carved down the rocks near the old sea, like a manuscript, the cryptic codes to my thoughts and the key to these codes are my eyes, same two eyes, which have seen me grow and mature through the vanity of life.

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Weird are the thoughts that see tears for dew drop that condense upon the leaves dampened by the night fog, and weirder are these thoughts that see the waterfalls as a bride groomed in a mystic majestic white that spreads its designs upon the floor and flaunts and mists. I m obsessed with my thoughts, I am compelled to think willingly trying to see signs in things and trying to make out meaning of things, though the meaning may have never existed. And this is my convention of getting lost into my own writings and in the end, it may confer a meaning and other times it’s just a clump of disorganized thoughts that need lot of indexing and rearrangement. In contrary, in my world, I don’t edit my thoughts.. Rather I consistently have been trying to make sense of what was written in my semi-consciousness…


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