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Antiperspirant: The Fight Against Sweat

  • October 8, 2018
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Antiperspirant: The Fight Against Sweat

Antiperspirants work by removing the moisture underneath the armpits with an active ingredient called aluminum salts. The aluminum salts assist the sweat glands by blocking the release of sweat. Some believe blocking sweat glands is unhealthy and could cause symptoms associated with cancer. But they cannot prove this information.

The National Cancer Institute and US Food and Drug Administration both shared the same statement and agreed that they were unaware of any conclusive evidence that linked antiperspirant to breast cancer. It’s time to put this rumor to rest. Is Antiperspirant Bad?

Yellow wet stains underneath the arms are plaguing people daily. And the look and smell is quite embarrassing. There is nothing more awkward than raising your arms or waving to a friend or coworker, only to realize your arms are covered in pit stains. It is time to stop suffering from excessive sweating and follow a few tips to make life a little easier.

Sweating is good for you. It is a way for the body to remove toxins, maintain salinity and cool off. A human body has over 5 million sweat glands and only two of them do most of the work. One would be the armpit gland also known as the apocrine glands.

The feeling you get when you work out or sweat from a hot environment comes from the apocrine glands. Here are a few reasons the body may over-sweat:

Exercising- almost everyone sweats while working out. Especially if it is an intense workout. When your body sweats, it is just naturally cooling itself off. Removing toxins naturally. That is why it is advised to work out regularly.

Being Nervous: when you are in a fight or flight mode, your body will create hormones in your body that will then increase the heart rate. Once the heart rate increases, the body will begin to burn energy, and again produce sweat to cool the body down

Hyperhidrosis: this is a condition that affects up to 3 percent of the population according to the Harvard Medical School. It involves excessive sweating under the arms, feet, and palms. This type of sweating can be intrusive and disturbing if not properly resolved.

Emotions: we have all experienced a situation where our emotions were heightened. Anxiety is one of them, this feeling can make the body sweat instantly by activating sweat glands. It can involve emotions like talking to your crush for the first time or getting in a heated discussion about political views.

Focus On Your Anxiety To Help With Over-Sweating- 

In addition to antiperspirant, try reducing the amount of stress and anxiety in your life. You are probably familiar with some of the strategies listed below, but maybe a gentle reminder will get the ball rolling for you.

Practice Deep Breathing

Calm your body naturally by breathing at a slow and steady pace. Sit in a quiet place and close your eyes. Breath unwaveringly through your nose and then release the air from your mouth in a controlling manner. Focus on your breathing and think of nothing else.

Take Better Care Of Yourself

Spend a little time focusing on your natural glow. Go get a massage or haircut. If you feel like you don’t have the extra funds to go out, visit a salon at a training school, where they offer quality services for a small budget.

Remove The Fat From Your Budget

Start eliminating stress by paying more attention to your debt and taking charge of your finances. Create a journal that focuses on daily expenses and decides on what you can cut back on.

Remove Hyperhidrosis From Your Life

Sweating excessively can interfere with anyone’s life at any moment. Most of us sweat naturally because it’s a hot summer day or we just finished exercising. But when it becomes regular and hard to control then its time to find a combination of options that work for you. Figure out the best antiperspirant and use it! Combine it with some of the natural ways to de-stress and remove the problem of excessive sweating from your life.



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