MBBS Basic Science Study Guide and Tips : Daily Study Plan

Exam tips
Exam tips
MBBS Exam a Time of Burden

Updated on July, 2016

Since the subjects and the subject matter studied in MBBS is entirely different from the intermediate level, students in the beginning may find difficulty in studying, as the topics and terminologies are completely new to them. But as you go on and with keen interest, it will eventually be interesting and fun to learn. Consulting the seniors will have very valuable role. Through out the 1st 2 years of MBBS you should follow these guidelines and tips.

The first and foremost is to know the right books. Here is the Medchrome’s Recommended books for MBBS

MBBS Study Tips

Attend classes regularly: Missing the classes means missing several important points, experiences and tips that teachers share in their lectures. They are seldom found in any books. Moreover, one who misses the class will not be well acquainted with the topic and probable questions that may be asked.

Know the lesson plan: Go through the topic beforehand to have a rough idea. This will help you to pick up what the teacher is mentioning in his lectures easily. You can do this only when you know the lesson plan.

Be keen to learn: You must have a keen interest to go through a medical dictionary whenever you find a new medical terminology. This will help you a lot in understanding different topics.

Regular studies: Study regularly 4-6 hours a day even when there are no exams arriving. In this time, you should concentrate in making notes, highlighting important texts in book, creating mnemonics and every other things that can be done to make studying easier for future. You can take a break on a friday or saturday night but utilize the morning for studies as brain has higher ability to catch things then.

Choose your study time according to your control over sleep. Are you an owl or a early bird? In MBBS life, it doesn’t matter till you can study. I couldn’t wake up timely in the morning so I used to sleep late at night.

Spend your time on Understanding topics: Understanding makes memory sustainable compared to mugging up.

Increase your study speed and writing speed.

Revise frequently: First time when you read a topic, it may take you an hour. The second reading may take you 45 minutes and you’ll notice that the third reading won’t take you more than half an hour.

Discuss subject matter and questions with your friends and recall.

Make a habit of making notes and charts of important units, standard values and formulas and stick it in front of your study table or wall of your room.

Free yourself from stress between your classes and study time by listening to music, playing games or going out.

Avoid wasting time on unnecessary topics that will only create a load on your brain.

Utilize the technology:  Specially for anatomy, embryology, physiology and pathology, video animations and mnemonics can be of great help.

Besides textbook, studying from reference books helps a lot. Make a habit of comparing things while studying. Example: Differences are easier to remember

condition PG exam

MBBS Study plan according to the subject:

  1. Start with anatomy to know about normal human structures.
  2. Then physiology to understand body mechanisms and adaptations.
  3. Then pathology to know about the diseases.
  4. Then go for pharmacology for the treatment of the diseases.
  5. Then microbiology and biochemistry should also go hand in hand.

Anatomy Study Tips:

  • Refer Atlas
  • Create Mnemonics
  • Practice figures
  • Creating algorithms
  • Studying organ models and bones
  • Frequent revision
  • Study plan on Anatomy

Physiology Study Tips:

  • Read, understand and understand

Pathology Study Tips:

  • Follow standard textbook like Robbins and create short notes.
  • “Illustrated Pathology” and “Harshmohan” can help you in drawing gross and microscopic features.

Pharmacology Study Tips:

  • Mug up the classification of drugs
  • Understand the mechanism of actions
  • Create mnemonics
  • Practice reasoning questions
  • Detail plan on studying pharmacology

Microbiology Study Tips:

  • Create a pattern for writing lab diagnosis (eg. Specimen, Microscopy, Culture, Antibiotic sensitivity, etc)
  • Understand classes of organisms
  • Learn lab procedures

Biochemistry Study Tips:

  • Practice diagrams of metabolism and cycles
  • Create mnemonics

These are Routine study tips.

For Crash Course Self Preparation during exams- Study Guide just before exam

At the same time, don’t feel ashamed of going through guides and past questions ans they are equally important from exam point of view (passing the examinations). If you have any more study tips please comment and feel free to share your experiences.

192 thoughts on “MBBS Basic Science Study Guide and Tips : Daily Study Plan

  1. sir i am student ov 1st year mbbs. due to my bad luck i was unable to give exams… now i have 1 chance left to give ma exams in supplimentary. i m very tense.. my 2nd year classes will start in december nd supplimentary exams are in january 2013.. can u plz guide me how to prepare for my supplimentary exams nd manage my 2nd year studies along with it.

    1. Aleeza,
      Don’t worry about second year classes. You have a lot of time to catch up if you clear the first year.
      Thing is if you clear a year, you will have full time to concentrate on the second year studies.
      So if you take my advice, prepare well for the coming exam.
      Be regular in classes so that you will gain knowledge of the new topics of 2nd year as well.

    2. Dont worry about 2nd year just concentrate on your supplies .try to revise repeatedly . Any doubt about how to prepare ? All the best

      1. sir
        my qualification +2com now im working in dubai im a
        23 year old sir can i study mbbs after entrence exam

        1. Sure you can,
          You can enroll for MBBS after +2 or intermediate level.
          Which country are you from.
          For help you can contact us via the contact form or medchrome at gmail dot com

        1. Ok, Vijay,
          We’ll be back with a review of 1st year MBBS and what actually happens from student point of view rather than academic quoting.
          Keep reading the updates.

  2. my prillims are from 19th november n m feeling vry tensed.
    m in 2nd yr mbbs
    when i study pharmac i feel as if other subs r leaving behind n whn i study othr subs i feel that pharmc is remaining !!! what is to be done?? i dont want to fail 🙁

  3. sir i’m first year mbbs student,its my 3rd month.in my first internal i got very less mark, i failed in all three subject.so please suggest me how to study and score good marks

    1. its normal to fail 1st few internals in mbbs, trust me u will feel good once you have done reading general and getting used to with the terminologies, till then keep looking medical dictionaries…. all the best

  4. sir. plz guide me what to do to study regularly..i hav d ability to pull thngs at the last moment but i want to study regulariy which i cant .. i ma gud student ..want to prepare fr pg entrance..fr which regular study z a must which i cant.

  5. sir, Im the student of grade 11 but ive touched by IOM fever..I should any how got the seat, so , how could i make my study effective by remembering every time, and which books are reliable to follow…?? please give me ideas..

  6. Sir,
    I completed my 12th CBSE in 2010 and this year I am joining mbbs. But I am really worried. It won’t be an easy task so will you please advice me as I am truly ambitious and ready to fulfil my aim. I need a perfect plan and exact guideline for my studies. Pls help me

    Thank you.

  7. sir i have just compleated 12 exam from jhapa,,,,n had done my exams well.. M very much intrested 2 get scholar seat on IOM n hav alredy done admission for preptn cls,,,i wud lyk 2 get effective study plans till my bridge course completes..i shall be thankful to yuh…!

    1. MBBS entrance preparation bridge course wouldn’t be like any school or colleges. Do not let your ambition die and go to class regularly. Try studying in groups as much as possible.

  8. Dear sir,
    I feel difficulty in studying pharmacology.please do tell me tips how to study that subject.

  9. hello sir
    I am getting admission in M.B.B.S. 1st year in national medical collage beergunj(nepal)..this collage is affiliated to tribhuvan uni and teaching us in canadian pattern..means there is no samesters,only yearly exams..nd results of this uni is also very tuff..classes will be started on 16 nov 2013..give me any idea to how to deal with this..plz help me..

  10. Sir I am going to join Nepal Medical college(NMC). Is NMC a good institution? They took my interview, but because of my nervousness, I performed poor in interveiw..
    I was an average student through out my School and 10+2.. My father wants me to get enrolled in mbbs. I am also willing to take mbbs.. But I have doubt that can average students like me can do well in mbbs???
    How is NMC?? Someone from NMC then please reply to be.. It would be very helpfull to me..

    1. yeah an average student can do it…nothing is impossible study 7-9 hrs a day and you gona rock it… NMC is good until now…

        1. aint studying now..but for sure i will continue my studies of mbbs in UCMS .. thing is i was also very poor student in +2 but now..i am working hard its like studying 12-14 hrs can make u able to get any kind of knowledge and science is fun… i got my frnds studying mbbs and M excited too…just try to have fun while studying dont push yourself into studies only….its like u need to love what you do !! and best of luck for ur course !! \m/
          and yeah from the first sem if you study around 6-7 hrs per days after the formal classes …nobody in this world can stop you.believe in yourself and go for it….

          1. nice inspiration man.. last year hawa tal mai bityo.. kei padhiyena.. yo pali KU ma pass vhaiyo.. but padhau ki napadhau vhai rako cha toit.. actually i was epecting suggestions form seniors who are studying mbbs

  11. Ur tips wr very fruitfull in my frst year.now in thrd sem no ones concntrtng much can tell me whch books r good to follow&how do usemy freetime…we r not understanding what to do in hospital..??

    1. Hello Neha,
      Thanks for your valuable feedback,
      we’ll be there with articles concentrating on further semesters.
      Keep reading!

  12. Respected sir
    Please let me know whether there is a lot of job opportunity after doing MBBS only. What would be the minimum starting salary. Awaiting for your reply

    1. Harini,
      You will have to tell me which country are you from.
      In India a job as a Medical Officer will pay you around 255,000 to 1000,000 per year depending upon your workplace.
      In Nepal it ranges from 300,000 to 600,000 per year.

  13. sir.
    i will take addmition in mbbs in this year so pls sir you can advice me how to i study very well and will got a good marks..

    1. Ravina,
      This article is focussed for 1st and 2nd year MBBS. Go through above article and each point will be valuable.
      Also read specific sections on how to study Anatomy, Pharmacology on Medchrome

  14. Sir, i’ll b getting admitted into mbbs , I have a month left. I wana start preparing for the first year from now! Cuz I dont wana waste my holidays! Please guide me , as to what should I start with. Thank you

    1. Huda
      Its good that you are ethusiastic. Use this time to create your love with medicine. Get to know about subjects you ll be studying and medical terminologies. And take a break, as once studies start you ll have less time for a holiday. You ll have ample of time to study in coming 5-6 yrs of MBBS. Goodluck.

  15. Sir, I and one of my mates have started out with the syllabus of anatomy,physiology and biochemistry,but after finishing about 15 percent of the respective books we are feeling bored. Can you suggest the best way of group studies. The current scheme of group study is not going well. We want a better and a more effective way.in the current scheme we make 2 day targets of certain chapters of respective subjects and we meet every 3rd day and discuss and ask questions. Now we feel that this system is going in wrong way.

    1. Pramurta,
      If you are doing a group study, why don’t you both come together at a place and study. If you are studying physiology, like Action potential- both can study a topic and one can explain it to other alternately. You can ask few questions as well. While studying also make a short hand note so as you can use it to recall the chapter next time you study. Short hand should be very concise and completely informative. If you are bored you can even watch youtube medical videos for learning. eg

  16. sir,
    I am medical preparing student. my problem is that although i am trying my hard, i get confuse on the same chapter that i have already learnt. Now I am confused that I should revise or take my course forward as time is very limited.
    Please help

  17. Sir,i am a mbbs 1st year student in govt. College of chattisgarh.so,i want how to study so that i can achieve 80% in exam and how to prepare so that can give viva answer accurately.i am in anxiety about mbbs 1 st year course.
    Plz give me tips such that i can enjoy the study…………………………thankingyoy!

    1. Sohail,
      If you browse the student section of this blog magazine, you will find all the necessary tips for studying and viva.

    1. Yes of course,
      Becoming a good doctor is different from being a Good student but the likelihood is that, the good students have more chance of becoming a good doctor.
      It depends on your effort on becoming good.

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