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MBBS Basic Science Study Guide and Tips : Daily Study Plan

Exam tips
MBBS Exam a Time of Burden

Updated on July, 2016

Since the subjects and the subject matter studied in MBBS is entirely different from the intermediate level, students in the beginning may find difficulty in studying, as the topics and terminologies are completely new to them. But as you go on and with keen interest, it will eventually be interesting and fun to learn. Consulting the seniors will have very valuable role. Through out the 1st 2 years of MBBS you should follow these guidelines and tips.

The first and foremost is to know the right books. Here is the Medchrome’s Recommended books for MBBS

MBBS Study Tips

Attend classes regularly: Missing the classes means missing several important points, experiences and tips that teachers share in their lectures. They are seldom found in any books. Moreover, one who misses the class will not be well acquainted with the topic and probable questions that may be asked.

Know the lesson plan: Go through the topic beforehand to have a rough idea. This will help you to pick up what the teacher is mentioning in his lectures easily. You can do this only when you know the lesson plan.

Be keen to learn: You must have a keen interest to go through a medical dictionary whenever you find a new medical terminology. This will help you a lot in understanding different topics.

Regular studies: Study regularly 4-6 hours a day even when there are no exams arriving. In this time, you should concentrate in making notes, highlighting important texts in book, creating mnemonics and every other things that can be done to make studying easier for future. You can take a break on a friday or saturday night but utilize the morning for studies as brain has higher ability to catch things then.

Choose your study time according to your control over sleep. Are you an owl or a early bird? In MBBS life, it doesn’t matter till you can study. I couldn’t wake up timely in the morning so I used to sleep late at night.

Spend your time on Understanding topics: Understanding makes memory sustainable compared to mugging up.

Increase your study speed and writing speed.

Revise frequently: First time when you read a topic, it may take you an hour. The second reading may take you 45 minutes and you’ll notice that the third reading won’t take you more than half an hour.

Discuss subject matter and questions with your friends and recall.

Make a habit of making notes and charts of important units, standard values and formulas and stick it in front of your study table or wall of your room.

Free yourself from stress between your classes and study time by listening to music, playing games or going out.

Avoid wasting time on unnecessary topics that will only create a load on your brain.

Utilize the technology:  Specially for anatomy, embryology, physiology and pathology, video animations and mnemonics can be of great help.

Besides textbook, studying from reference books helps a lot. Make a habit of comparing things while studying. Example: Differences are easier to remember

condition PG exam

MBBS Study plan according to the subject:

  1. Start with anatomy to know about normal human structures.
  2. Then physiology to understand body mechanisms and adaptations.
  3. Then pathology to know about the diseases.
  4. Then go for pharmacology for the treatment of the diseases.
  5. Then microbiology and biochemistry should also go hand in hand.

Anatomy Study Tips:

  • Refer Atlas
  • Create Mnemonics
  • Practice figures
  • Creating algorithms
  • Studying organ models and bones
  • Frequent revision
  • Study plan on Anatomy

Physiology Study Tips:

  • Read, understand and understand

Pathology Study Tips:

  • Follow standard textbook like Robbins and create short notes.
  • “Illustrated Pathology” and “Harshmohan” can help you in drawing gross and microscopic features.

Pharmacology Study Tips:

  • Mug up the classification of drugs
  • Understand the mechanism of actions
  • Create mnemonics
  • Practice reasoning questions
  • Detail plan on studying pharmacology

Microbiology Study Tips:

  • Create a pattern for writing lab diagnosis (eg. Specimen, Microscopy, Culture, Antibiotic sensitivity, etc)
  • Understand classes of organisms
  • Learn lab procedures

Biochemistry Study Tips:

  • Practice diagrams of metabolism and cycles
  • Create mnemonics

These are Routine study tips.

For Crash Course Self Preparation during exams- Study Guide just before exam

At the same time, don’t feel ashamed of going through guides and past questions ans they are equally important from exam point of view (passing the examinations). If you have any more study tips please comment and feel free to share your experiences.

192 Replies to “MBBS Basic Science Study Guide and Tips : Daily Study Plan”

    1. @tina-BD Chaurasia(3vol) for anatomy,IB Singh for histo nd embrYO,guyton and ak jain for physiology,satyanarayan for biochemistry

  1. sir,i hav juz strtrd mbbs…its juz 1 week past………i want 2 knw if is der ny shclrship dat can b done by am mbbs student???if so wch 1 r d best???olso,vch r d best colges 2 do PG/MD outsid india????nd hw 2 get admn der???juz curious sir…….

  2. @sid bro ..An immense thanks for your opinions. As a matter of fact , I have seen you in many facebook pages like orbit , bishal’s concise physics and others. I am really impresses by your answers in the comments . Indeed you can say I have been following you. Thanks a lot bro..Neverthless best wishes for your MBBS.Moreover, I will keep your suggestions in my mind.
    Dear Admin , I also wanna thank you for your deeds . Many admin donot reply our quests but you are exception.Thanks a lot …
    Obviously you people’s suggestion will be shaking mind…
    THANKS…Now there is a rush of blood in my head..hehe! I mean to say I am more confident on my aim..

    1. deependra its my pleasure to help u. I praise ur instinct, coz many students often seek those field which has good scopes bt u r trying to create new scope in nepal. Go on boy and show wht u r capable of. And ya u must hv told tht admin wont reply coz of orbit fan page. The situation is diff here in medchrome. Admins interactn is fantastic here. Hats off to them. By the way if u want more such inspirational words, then go to my profile in fb and click on the info. U will find 3 notes at the bottom of the page. Click on the note ‘break your that mental barrier’ and read it. Dont 4get to put comment also ok…BYE BYE.

      1. hi siddhartha….i am looking to study MBBS at kathmandu medical college and teaching hospital and wanted to know how is the faculty and atmosphere there ?
        i was also wondering if you studied there in scholarship or payment…..i am thinking of studying in payment and wanted to know from you if that was a good idea ! ??

  3. PLZ help me out….i am in 1st yr MBBS nd nervous wether i wud b able to make it in PG CET…hw nd in wat way shud i study for it?
    wen shud i really start preparing for PGCET?

    1. Its good that you are conerned about your PG right from now.
      But I think rather than focusing on what is far to come, try to make your present best.
      Focus on building your Base ie foundation of Medical study ” Basic Sciences – Anatomy, Physio etc” Don’t skip topics try to study most you can.
      This will be the passive preparation but very stroong preparation of your PG entrance, because questions are based on what you have studied during student life.

      Keep working hard and you will be well prepared unknowingly for PG as well
      Best of luck

  4. thnx a lot it helped me a lot …
    all advices were awesome…
    i have a question… my parents scold me a lot… daily gives me headache that u r in MBBS study, study & study…
    i m in 1st year MBBS..
    being frank.. my mind gets diverted in all other things which i know these are not good… in girlfriends, friends, parties, etc…
    my time gets wasted a lot in all that things….
    please help me…
    Thanks a lot…
    god bless u…

  5. Sir i m having my lst 3 mnths for xms,and wat do u thnk is bst to do nw..stdy important qns or evry thng

    1. It will depend on how much you have studied earlier.Try to go through things in detail, 3 mth is good time and see questions side by side and focus more on the topics that have been asked previously

  6. anatomy-bd chaurasia/ak dutta/grays/snell/moore.
    atlas-frank netter.
    histology-ib singh/difore atlas.
    embryology-ib singh/langman.
    physiology-sembulingum/mahapatra/ak jain/guyton/ganong/reddy.
    plz. sugget me among these which should i read and i m studying in mbbs 1st year in karnataka and i have my university exams in june last week. plz. guide me how to study in mbbs 1st year. and another question is it neccesery to read cunningums practical anatomy book.

    1. Anatomy: BD chaurasia for texts and Atlas (Netters or Grants – Pictures of netters look real than grants but grants atlas contains few important texts along with pcitures)
      Histology: IB singh
      Embryology: Langman
      Physiology: Mahapatra
      Biochemistry: Satyanarayana

      Use these as your textbook and others as reference. Cunninghams manual is mainly for dissection.

  7. sir i am student in 2 year MBBS 3 semester i really want to become a good doctor can u help me out that what are the things we will be doind in 4 semester i m scared when people say there will be ward posting plesae help me out

    1. Were you scared when u first entered the anatomy dissection hall? Later it becomes a habit.
      Same is for the Ward posting, worry not respect and love your patients and you’ll see they will be more polite and helpful if you are the same to them
      Best of Luck

      1. no sir i was not sacared but i need help like what are da fields in MBBS coz i m the first one in my family doing MBBS so i just need smeone to help me out

  8. I’m an MB,BS student of a university in Africa. I’ll like to know what texts are best for me to use for my courses this year. I’ll be taking courses like
    Morbid Anatomy,
    Clinical Pathology and Haematology,
    Microbiology and Parasitology.

    Thank you in anticipation.

  9. sir i want to take admission in MBBS.
    my friends told me that it is too hard.
    so please tell me how much i hav to study for passing yearly exams…???
    i mean how many hours i have to study in a day for just passing the exams…???
    sir please help me out…

    1. Yogesh,
      Where are you from and where do you want to join MBBS.
      we could help you if you could make it clearer.

  10. Hello
    I am a first year MBBS student.
    I had trouble adapting to the course initially as I joined it as soon as my A Levels got over. It was coupled with a few personal problems that had taken over my mind and I couldn’t concentrate on studies at all.
    Now I realise that I have 2 months of notes and revision pending, plus those of ongoing lectures. I feel totally lost. How can I catch up? Any tip?

  11. sir I’m in 2nd yr. 4th semester exams are gonna to start in 45days and absolutely not prepared for it. I studied very nicely in 1st yr that I ranked 3rd in university. But I’ve lost my interest in studies gradually. Even though I open book ,i don’t feel like studying and not remembering things. Pls help me.

    1. Hello Rutika, 45 days is neither less nor much of a time required to prepare for exam. If you had achieved such an admirable success in the 1st year, you can still do it. Start preparing atleast 3-4 hours a day attentively from today and gradually increase your pace and studying hours. Using mnemonics (pictures, words or anything) makes long texts easy to remember and also makes it interesting. Also go for shorter version of your textbooks like Kaplan series, Board Review Series, etc. as they explain more through less words and the flow charts and pictures used in them are quite easy to remember. Discuss among friends what each of you study, it will help you retaining more and also learn more from others. You have plenty of time, if you start now.

  12. Rir m BAMS 3rd yr student,n i lv readin new things or d disordr i see,as my mthr is diabtc then i keep stding it,cnt go with syllabus wise,nd plz tell me site n books which is coloured and atractive,n basic matters v see in daily lyf.n temme ANY ONE YEAR DIPLOMA CAN DN WHILE GRADUATN N COLLG NAME. M duing BAMS FROM BVP PUNE.. Sub r path,anat,gync,obs,opthal,ent,pedo,surgry,medicine. I lv stdng colourful buks wid images.

    1. If you want such books, go for Color atlases. “Color Atlas” series by Thieme is very illustrative. Also “Made Ridiculosuly Simple” series is very concise and loaded with picture mnemonics.
      I would recommend you Instant Anatomy based on your interest. This website explains a lot about anatomy only through pictures.
      Also you may want to follow sketchy medicine. You can find more in the internet, just google and find them.

  13. Hello sir,
    am mbbs final year student appearing for university exams in d coming november month…in my 1st year i got distinction in physio and biochem sir…in 2nd year i got gold medals in patho and pharmac sir….but i dont knw what happened in d third year i dint score many marks….last sem i thought of completing my final year portion atleast by 70 % but cunt complete it…..i became lazy sir….now only 4 months are left and am under a lot of stress and anxiety sir…many of my batchmates hav already completed their sheduled portion sir….am very stressed out and unable to concentrate sir….am even unable to prepare a shedule for myself regarding study..when , what and how to study the whole till september sir…in oct v vl b having our prelims sir…
    Recently ders a new prob devloped sir…
    I cunt recall what i hav read sir….my confidence level has reached 0% sir..
    I vl b really obliged if u guide me sir….plsssssss….
    I realy need help sir….

    1. This happens very frequently.
      A student who is a Topper or A grade, may come under lot of pressure to keep it up.

      1st of all forget about how much your friends have covered- it will keep unnecessary pressure on you.
      Be cool and composed, and make a study plan , divide time and make sure you follow what you have planned.
      Don’t think about the result, just study for yourself.
      You had excellent results in Basics, so I am sure you have a strong backbone to your clinicals so no matter how much others have covered you can catch up with them easily.
      Just keep faith in your self.
      We are ready to guide you if you still have problem.

  14. sir,
    i have 1month to my mbbs 1st yr exam nd idnt had proper glance at any of my topics because of my improper health so please i want your suggestion i don’t want to be reffered…

    1. When the time is short and your target is to pass.
      You need to work on just high yield questions.
      High yield means- all the past questions as they cover vital topics- important chapters- action potentials – physio, inflammation- patho, brachial plexus- anatomy etc..
      Best of luck

  15. sir, i want to study mbbs in future.i am slc appeared student and i want to know what can i do form this level only to get scholarship in mbbs entrance exam as my parents may not be able aford to expences for mbbs study without scholarship

  16. @Sagar Gautam, First of all you need to get admitted in plus2 Science with major Biology. In order to get your name in Entrance Exams, you need to build up well concepts from plus2. So, don’t escape any chapters even when they aren’t asked in exam.Also practice MCQ’s correlating the topics of plus2. You may follow books like Dinesh, Mega, Pradeep for PCB MCQ’s. The more you master MCQ’s , the more chance of getting scholarship. There’s a widespread rumor in market that no one can get their name in first attempt and losing a year is must. Don’t believe on them. First chance is the best chance. The more you lag behind, the more chance of losing the scholarship away!

  17. Sir, i m in mbbs 1st year i fail 2 times and dis is my 3rd time and my univesity exams already have started 2 papers have completed and 3 papers are still remaining but dis time also i hav doubt about passing so, plze guide how to study and and how many times to read the book and revise. But while i read i don’t understand the subject matter. I hav lost my hope and confidence plz help……

  18. sir,i wnt 2 knw bout d scope of researches after cmpltng mbbs.i m gonna admittng in 1st year mbbs…

    1. There is tremendous scope of research in health, be it in the clinical sector, public health or technology.

  19. sir…,
    i am in 1st year mbbs….i finished by university theory exams …i may fail in all three subjects due to my long illness……….i must appear again for university exams after 6 months…….pls will me help me….how to prepare….??

  20. sir,i’m gonna take mbbs admisn in 1st year in mp pvt clg this year.. sir i want to know how much time should i spend so as to get good govt college for MS studies.. sir i can study for maximum uptu 12 hrs a day apart from class hours.. how could i utilise my time during my mbbs life..
    thnks in advance,sir. hope u will respond soon..
    ashish anand

  21. i joined 1 st year mbbs 1 month ago and i really want to study hard from the beginning so that i can become the topper of my class. pls give me the the proper study schedule.i want this very urgently because i m so confused rite now that what to study?? n all pls pls help and reply as soon as possible

  22. dear admin,
    my mbbs class has started a just about a week ago in KUSMS. i really want to work hard for my mbbs because my parents have done a lot to bring me upto here. and i also want to learn from the beginning but its my problem from childhood that i cant know what to study until the teacher teaches in class. please advise me for this problem. how to study before the teacher teaches. how can i practise the past questions? is it like in +2 like old is gold in k.u??
    plz plz plz reply sir

    1. Make sure you go through the general topics in all subjects before going to other systems. You can review the topics talked about in the class or you can just start yourself from general to bulid foundation for other systems. And the questions do repeat in MBBS.

  23. Dear Sir,
    I m in my mbbs 1st year n my Rajiv Gandhi University Exams are in December.Plz suggest me study tips about how to do well in exams. and following are the books i m using plz suggest me whether i m using correct books:
    Main Texts-
    B.D.Chaurasia-General anatomy and 3 volumes.
    I.B.Singh-Embryology & Histology.
    A.K.Dutta-General antomy and 4 volumes
    Difore’s Atlas-Histology.

    Main Text-Sembulingum.

    L Prakasm Reddy.
    Guyton & Hall.

    Main Text-Satyanarayana.

    Satyanarayana-Essentials of Biochemistry.

    Question Bank-Solved and Unsolved-
    Anatomy-Singi Yatiraj
    Physiology-Singi Yatiraj
    Biochemistry-Singi Yatiraj.

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