Movies based on Psychiatric disorders

1. A Beautiful mind

Based on the story of the Nobel prize winner, John Nash. Early in the movie, Nash begins developing paranoid schizophrenia and endures delusional episodes while painfully watching the loss and burden his condition brings on his wife and friends. Schizophrenia has been well elucidated in this movie.


2. Shutter Island

Starring Leornado de Caprio, one of the best movies with thrilling experiences based on a retired army who fought against Nazi in Second world war. Hard to understand in one viewing but watching it twice makes many things clearer.


3.Hide and Seek

Robert Denario, plays the role of a widower who moves to a peaceful outskirts with his daughter. His daughter comes across an imaginary friend.. or is it something else?

Hide and seek

4.The Machinist

The Batman star plays role of a weird man who has a chronic insomnia getting cachectic. Why did this happen to him? Is it an illness of mind?

the machinist

5.A Tale of two sisters

This movie have a touch of horror element but is mainly a psychological thriller. The story of the movie is presented in very artistic way and will leave you perplexed by the end of the movie.




Another Roman Polanski movie captures the time events between a normal young girl and a mentally ill person.


7. Exorcism of Emily rose

Emily Rose bears a guilt of sisters death and soon starts behaving weirdly. Her parents and Church are convinced she is possessed. But didn’t she have schizophrenia or a dissociative identity disorder.


8. Aviator

This Leonardo de Caprio starred movie is about a man who has obsessed with perfection in his work.



A mother develops guilt for the death of her child leading to deterioration of mental condition.


10.Saw Series

A psychopath wants to clean the society of evil people and designs plots and murders them in most brutal manner. The movie contains plenty of gore images. Remember? the infamous Jigsaw traps


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11. One flew Over Cuckoo’s Nest  by Sarose

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