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Why Getting Great Results Start With Using a Reputable Med Spa

  • February 18, 2017
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Why Getting Great Results Start With Using a Reputable Med Spa

There are a few industries that seem to be recession-proof, and the med spa industry appears to be one of them. The American Med Spa Association (AmSpa) recently reported a 20% increase in their organization’s membership. With so many new treatments available it’s no surprise the industry is experiencing growth.

While there are many amazing new treatment options that are affordable and effective, the benefits of those treatments usually depend on the med spa you visit. Finding a reputable med spa is important for two reasons.

First and foremost is your health. Even though most popular procedures are minimally invasive, infections are always a possibility. You may remember a few years back when regulations changed for manicures and pedicures due to health concerns. Even something as simple as pushing cuticles back can create a problem if done incorrectly.

The other reason is the results. If you’re investing in med spa treatments like Botox, laser resurfacing and lip fillers you want to get a good result for your money. The quality of the products, machinery and professionals administering the treatment can all affect the outcome.

Surefire Signs of a Reputable Med Spa.

Finding a reputable med spa isn’t too hard with a little bit of research. In addition to getting recommendations from people you know, use the resources below to scope out local med spas.

Licensing and Certifications

Always make sure a med spa has the proper licensing to operate in your state. This can help ensure they follow safety and health regulations. Also inquire about the types of licensing and certifications that are held by the aestheticians.

Good Customer Reviews Across the Web

Look for information like how knowledgeable and helpful the aestheticians are, the cleanliness of the spa and the quality of the results. For procedures like Botox that are temporary, the length of the results can have an affect on the cost of maintenance.

Good Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating

The BBB is one of the longest running business rating services. They use a variety of metrics, including customer complaints and how the business rectified the situation, to give a rating between A+ and F. However, keep in mind newer businesses may not have a rating yet.

Doctors and Registered Nurses on Staff

Med spas that have medical professionals on staff provide peace of mind. They are highly educated and trained to understand how to handle a variety of medical needs.

Membership in Industry Associations

Membership in organizations like the American Med Spa Association is an indicator that a med spa takes their business seriously. There’s also a better chance that the business and the practitioners stay up-to-date on the latest products, tools and techniques.

Awards and Recognitions

Another strong indicator of a reputable med spa is awards and acknowledgements. If these aren’t prominent on a med spa’s website, call to ask if the business or aestheticians has received any special recognitions.

Staff has Years of Experience

New treatments are always being developed, but aestheticians and practitioners that have been in the industry for years have invaluable insight and experience.

Signs a Med Spa May be Less Than Reputable.

Want to avoid the less than reputable med spas that won’t live up to expectations? Then watch out for these warning signs.

Basement Practitioners

Yes, Google started in a home garage. But a med spa is a place that requires cleanliness, proper storage, adequate lighting, etc. People that are offering spa services out of their home should be avoided.

They Advertise on Craigslist

If a med spa isn’t investing enough in its business to advertise outside of free Craigslist ads be leery.

Too Good to be True Pricing

As the old saying goes, if it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t. Running a limited-time special deal is one thing. Having regular prices that are well below the norm should raise a red flag. A few practitioners have been known to use diluted or old products that aren’t nearly as effective.

They Have a Lot of Negative Reviews

If a med spa has a lot of unhappy customers it’s best to keep looking. Past clients can give you a glimpse of the quality and comfort you can expect so negative reviews should be taken seriously.

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