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Acne- a disfiguring skin problem

A common skin problem of adolesence. Acne often disfigures and scar the skin to an extent that may cause depression and low self-confidience among people. • Acne is almost always seen in the teenage years…

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Basic Terminologies in Dermatology

Description of Primary Skin Lesions Macule: A flat, colored lesion, <2 cm in diameter, not raised above the surface of the surrounding skin. A “freckle,” or ephelid, is a prototype pigmented macule. Patch: A large…

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Vitamin B3- Niacin Deficiency and Pellagra

Overview of Metabolism- Nicotinamide and nicotinic acid are covered under genre Niacin of which Nicotinamide is essential part of NAD and NADP. NAD and NADP are required in essential biochemical reaction of the body where…