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Community Medicine Mnemonics

Community Medicine (Preventive and Social Medicine) also belongs to the course that you need to complete for medical careers. The subject although being a lot more easier compared to Basic sciences, people may find it pretty difficult to pass the exams. The main reason behind ...Read More

Useful Mnemonics from Anatomy

Anatomy Respiratory System Mnemonics: Mnemonics are excellent method for memorizing Anatomy. Anatomy may not always be easy to understands or remember, so here are few mnemonics which shall help Medical students. Phases of Development of lungs: “Every Premature Child Takes Air” E = Embryonic ...Read More

Medical Mnemonics : Gynecology and Obstetrics

ASHERMAN: Causes Acquired Anomaly Secondary to Surgery Hysterosalpingography confirms diagnosis Endometrial damage/ Eugonadotropic Repeated uterine trauma Missed Menses Adhesions Normal estrogen and progesterone “Increased Maternal Serum Alpha Feto Protein” Intestinal obstruction Multiple gestation/ Miscalculation of gestational age/ Myeloschisis Spina bifida cystica Anencephaly/ Abdominal wall ...Read More

Mnemonics Anatomy : Upper limb

Brachial Plexus Mnemonics: Branches arising from Cords- Lateral Cord-LML bike : Lateral Pectoral Nerve,Musculocutaneous Nerve, Lateral Root of Median Nerve Medical Cord- M4U- Medial Pectoral nerve,Medial Cutaneous N. of Arm, Medial Cutaneous N. of Forearm, Medial root of Median N. and Ulnar n. posterior Cord- ...Read More