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Useful Medical Mnemonics

  • July 29, 2010
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Useful Medical Mnemonics

Mnemonics are indispensable part of Medical education. We know as the area of study is so vast that it isn’t possible to remember things easily. So Mnemonics are popular in this field.

Some of the helpful well created Mnemonics Submitted in our Facebook page .

Easy Pharmacology Mnemonics

ST elevation causes in ECG:- remember “ELEVATION”: –

  • E:Electrolytes,
  • L:-LBBB,
  • E:-Early repolarization,
  • V:-Ventricular hypertrophy,
  • A:- Aneurysm,
  • T:- Treatment (eg pericardiocentesis)
  • I:- Injury (AMI, contusion),
  • O:-Osborne waves (hypothermia),
  • N:-Non-occlusive vasospasm

Morphine: side-effects MORPHINE:

  • M:-Myosis,
  • O:-Out of it (sedation),
  • R:- Respiratory depression,
  • P:- Pneumonia (aspiration),
  • H:- Hypotension,
  • I:- Infrequency (constipation, urinary retention) ,
  • N:-Nausea,
  • E:- Emesis

The simple way to read a “CHEST FILM”:- remember the phrase “ABCDEFGHI”

  • A:(airway):- see the position of trachea(is it in centre or shifted either side)..!!.
  • B:(bony skeleton):-see the clavicles,sternum,ribs(normal or any # line and presence of cervical rib)..!!
  • C:cardiac silhouetee):-see the borders of heart n large blood vessels..!!
  • D:-(diaphragm):compare left n rt one/air bubbles under lt diaphragm n presence of hemidiaphragm).
  • E:-(effusion and/or empty space):-see the costophrenic n costocardiac margins…!!
  • F:-(fields..i.e. lung fields):-small airways n vascular margins..,cavity,air bronchogram,local or descrete lesion,consolidation,etc…!!
  • G:(gass bubbles):-presence or absence under left diaphragm..!!
  • H:(hilar reason):-see any lymphadenopathy n all..!!
  • I:(inspiratory effort):-look for either patient has inspired enough.normaly incase of normal quite respiration 1o anterior ribs should be visible.look also for the position of patient..i.e. either patient is rotated?? coz incase of rotation usualy mediastinum n hilar shadows r altered….!!

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