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Troubles during tooth eruption

  • December 14, 2017
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Troubles during tooth eruption

Troubles during tooth eruption

A child’s birth brings a lot of joy to the life of parents, who leave no stones unturned to see a smile on
the tiny faces. These little angels however have to pass through many phases of life, some pleasant and
some harsh. The eruption of the Teeth is one such stage, where some sail smoothly while the others
face various hardships. The age of eruption of first milk teeth varies between 6 months to 1 year,
although early or late eruptions are also seen.

Signs of emerging teeth:
• Constantly putting finger, toys etc. in the mouth
• Drooling
• Itching and pain in the gums
• Rubbing of ears or flushing of face
• Loss of appetite or sleep
• Irritability
• Low grade fever
• Mild diarrhea: As the child tends to put contaminated objects in their mouth

What can be done?
• Chewing brings relief to the child so the following can be done

• Teething rings can be used
• Pacifiers
• Gums can be massaged gently with clean fingers, moist gauze pads,
• Frozen fruits and vegetables can be given to chew on
• Visit a Pediatric Dentist for a prescription of adequate dose of locally applied as well as orally
taken medicines to relieve symptoms that make the child uncomfortable.

Advice for parents:
• Avoid adding or dipping pacifiers in sugar or honey
• Do not rub alcohol over the gums
• Avoid repeated application of pain relieve gels without consulting the doctor as it can lead to
• In case of high grade fever, runny nose or diarrhea, visit a doctor cause the teeth eruption does
not cause such severe symptoms. As there are no scientific links to prove the association with
teeth eruption.

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