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Top 12 Foods that Keep Cancer Far from You

  • January 7, 2018
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Top 12 Foods that Keep Cancer Far from You

‘Cancer’, the word itself is enough to break a person completely. It is a mysterious disease known to affect even the healthiest of a person and spare the smokers. However, prevention is always the best medicine they say. Yes, prevention can be your best defence against this monstrous disease.

Many fruits, herbs and vegetables are known to prevent our body and strengthen the immune system against cancer. The natural chemicals present in them are highly active in inhibiting the carcinogenic effect on the body.

If you are diagnosed with this disease, it is vital that your body is getting the nutrients to help fight the battle. These nutrients are essential to support the body during treatment. In this article, we will talk about essential foods to prevent cancer and the importance of health insurance plans in today’s scenario.

Here are some foods which are known to be beneficial in the fight against cancer:

1) Cruciferous vegetables

Vegetables containing phytonutrients have demonstrated the potential to protect us against cancer. Broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage are the cruciferous vegetables containing the known phytonutrient, ‘glucosinolate’, which inhibits some carcinogens. These vegetables also help in the production of detoxification enzymes.

2) Brussels sprouts

Sinigrin, a chemical found in Brussel sprouts help to suppress the development of cancerous cells in our body. This chemical causes the apoptosis (suicide) of the pre-cancerous cells, and hence one must include Brussel sprouts in their diet regularly.

3) Green Tea

Regular green tea consumption has been known to reduce the risk of ovarian, breast, colon, prostate, and lung cancers. Green tea consumption led to a lower risk of developing rectal and pancreatic cancers compared with non-tea drinkers, according to the study carried out in China.

4) Berries

Berries, mainly raspberries, blueberries, and cranberries rank highest among the most likely fruits to reduce cancer risk. An antioxidant called pterostilbene is found in high quantities in blueberries and has cancer-fighting properties.

5) Garlic

Sulfur compounds present in garlic are known to stimulate the immune system to fight against cancer and have shown the potential to reduce tumour growth.

6) Turmeric

An anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant agent found in turmeric, ‘Curcumin’, may help to prevent cancer. This ingredient was tested on animals and helped to prevent several kinds of cancers like stomach, liver, and lung among them.

7) Watermelon

Watermelons are rich in ‘lycopene’ which demonstrate a powerful action on the immune system by producing antioxidants in the body. Many researchers have suggested lycopene to fight against prostate cancer.

8) Artichokes

Artichokes are an excellent source of an antioxidant known as silymarin. This compound may help prevent skin cancer.

9) Kiwi

Kiwi is full of cancer-fighting antioxidants. The list includes vitamin C, vitamin E, lutein, and copper.

10) Mushrooms

Portobello, shiitake, maitake, oyster and reishi mushrooms have anti-cancer properties and are associated with decreased risk of breast, colorectal, and stomach, cancers. These mushrooms contain aromatase inhibitors which prevent the excessive production of estrogen.

11) Red wine

Resveratrol, a chemical found in red wine, is effective in fighting against cancer. Many recent studies have discovered it to have anti-cancer properties.

12) Walnuts

Walnuts are known to prevent prostate and breast cancer. Walnuts contain a high content of omega-3s. Eating a handful of walnuts every day is a healthy option.

Why is health insurance necessary now?

Cancer has now become a common word, many of us may have even experienced the trauma of our family member or a friend suffering from it. Anyone can fall victim to this disease, however, thanks to the advancement of medical science, people have fought cancer and emerged victoriously. And it all starts with regular screening such as prostate cancer testing.

Unfortunately, not only emotionally, cancer breaks the person financially as well. The entire process is a costly one, starting from the diagnosis to treatment. With 100 different types of cancers now, each requires a unique level of diagnosis and treatment. The ever-rising cost of cancer treatment can erode your entire savings and thus make you debt-ridden.

Having health insurance plans for cancer can help you overcome the cloudy situation. The cancer health insurance plans provide you with lumpsum cover for cancer-related treatments.

Comprehensive health insurance plans can take care of the large payments involved in cancer detection and treatment. You are covered for initial diagnosis, surgeries, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and related treatment under the health insurance plans covering cancer. And if you want to extend help to cancer survivors, then you might want to shop to provide cancer support.

There are various health insurance plans which pay a certain portion of the sum assured as additional income for five years on the diagnosis of major health conditions. The best part of such plans is that insurers make a payout on the diagnosis of a health condition. It means, there is no need to submit medical bills to get a payout, which you can also use to cover peripheral expenses like accommodation, out-of-pocket expenses, and so on.


Ailments come unannounced. In fact, diseases which were earlier associated with old age, are now attacking young generation as well. While it is strongly advised to take a good care of yourself and eat the above-listed fruits, you should go with a health insurance policy to get financial coverage against medical expenses. After all, ailments not only cause physical pain but also trouble you emotionally and mentally!

Article by Meera Dewaan

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