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NICU and PICU Services in Kathmandu, Nepal

  • July 7, 2016
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NICU and PICU Services in Kathmandu, Nepal

Neonatal critical care units and Pediatric critical care units are becoming more and more sophisticated and for most diseases and conditions, treatment is available in Nepal itself. Kathmandu , the capital has set some landmark. Here is a list of NICU and PICU beds in Kathmandu along with incubators and ventilators.

Before transferring any patient to one of the hospitals, please confirm the Beds are available and all transfers should be done only after consulting the target Hospital or Doctor.

Double surface phototherapy (Courtesy: Green City Hospital NICU)


HospitalContact no.NICU BedsIncubatorsPICU BedsVentilator
Kanti Children Hospital4411550, 442745218462
TU Teaching Hospital44125059243
Nepal Medical College49120098163
Kathmandu Medical College4469063, 449710410242
Grandee Hospital43802234131
Patan Hospital55222666264
Maternity Hospital552356162
Norvic Hospital4257689, 42585545142
Ishan Hospital4354537863
International Friendship Children’s Hospital (IFCH)441113411577
HAMS Hospital4785157, 47856786264
Om Hospital4466178, 44661791323
Green City Hospital4352248623
Model Hospital4240805, 424080642
Siddhi Memorial Hospital66165796364
Kathmandu Valley Hospital4227735, 425533082126


If you have more information and want to add your NICU/PICU to the list. Please comment below.

Disclaimer: The Data is for information purpose only and Medchrome will not be responsible for any inconvinience and errors in information.

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  • Star Hospital is launching State of the Art “NICU” from 19th February 2021 (tomorrow). Minister of Health & Population, Mr. Hridesh Tripathi is inaugurating the NICU with capacity of 6 beds.

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